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Why ‘American Horror Story’ Season 9 will be more fun to watch than any season before it

Ryan Murphy is one producer / director who is really good at teasing his forthcoming releases. In the past, for American Horror Story, Murphy has used scare tactics to capture his audience’s attention; slicing promo clips up with hints of horror scenes to come.

But with AHS Season 9, Murphy appears to have taken a fresh, lighter tone. It began with a teaser clip that looked like a satire of trashy slasher flicks of the ’80s, and now there’s a show-reel on Instagram and YouTube that shows a very ’80s looking cast: Emma Roberts in Jazzercise gear, her boyfriend Gus Kenworthy boasting pecs that could only have come from a 1984 gym, and Perth actor Cody Fern with his sports shorts so high, you can almost see his religion. And all to the soundtrack of Dan Hartman’s rather naff I Can Dream About You (a popular song heard in ’80s feelgood movies like Streets Of Fire which, incidentally, was originally written for Hall & Oates to sing).

The video also includes DeRon Horton, Billie Lourd, Leslie Grossman, Matthew Morrison, John Carroll Lynch, and Zach Villa, all dressed head to toe in naff-naff gear. Disturbingly, the clip shows various closeups of one guy’s crotch. Like, seriously close.

All that’s missing is a couple of pairs of ra-ra skirts and some stone-wash denim jeans. Oh, hang on, there’s plenty of stone-wash half-way through the clip…

The video pretty much confirms that Season 9 will be inspired by classic slasher films like Happy Birthday to Me and Friday the 13th since it kicks off with a knife-wielding murky dude in a wet coat, and ends with characters cat-walking in various campsite settings.

Also on the American Horror Story front, announced this week is that trans actor Angelica Ross, last seen in Ryan Murphy’s Pose, will be joining the Season 9 cast. Cream interviewed Ross recently, and will be posting that interview in a couple of weeks’ time.

In sum, this season of AHS looks like being one of the most fun to watch, with none of the characters appearing to take the scenes and settings all that seriously. Until they start to get killed off one by one, that is…

Antonino Tati


‘American Horror Story’ Season 9 will air in September, 2019.

And for a bit of a laugh, check out Cream’s fan clip of a suggested theme for Season 10: ‘American Horror Story: Cathedral’, below.


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