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See and hear Kanye West’s church choir bastardise some classic Nirvana

At his recent Sunday gospel service, Kanye West – or he who think he be the chosen one – commissioned his choir to put a Christian spin on two classic Nirvana songs, Smells Like Teen Spirit and Come As You Are.

In a video posted to YouTube, the choir can be seen standing in a circle, all dressed in white while bastardising murdering misappropriating the grunge classics to suit their religious ethos.

Most of the original lyrics have gone out the proverbial (stain-glassed) window.

“Just confess/ he’ll do the rest/ Christ is here,” they sing to the tune of Come As You Are, while in Smells Like Teen Spirit the chorus is changed to “Let your light shine, it’s contagious!”.

To add insult to injury, the choir then takes that most brilliant of all Nirvana refrains – the “hello hello hello, how low” bit from Smells Like Teen Spirit and replaces it with “halle-halle-hallelujah”.

Kanye West once said,“I am the new Kurt Cobain. The Bible had 20, 30, 40, 50 characters in it. You don’t think that I would be one of the characters of today’s modern Bible?”

Yep, how low, indeed.

Antonino Tati


Watch Kanye’s choir in action below… if you must.

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