Bod drinks are good for the body… and now great for the soul

Remember when you thought all bacteria was disgusting and bad for you? Images of murky little critters with scientific tags like salmonella enteritidis and listeria monocytogenes enough to make you want to be sick – with or without them lurking in your system.

Well, modern science – and the food and beverage industry at large – have proven that some bacterias are actually very good for you.

Probiotics, for one, are live bacteria that help keep your digestive system in tip-top shape. In fact, probiotics are often called “good” bacteria because they keep the gut so tough.

Which is why we’re happy to know the new range of drinks in Bod’s Living Soda range are packed with probiotics while still maintaining the delicious taste the brand is renowned for.

The Living Soda range contains four delicious flavours: Kola, Creamy Soda, Yuzu (think mandarin), and Raspberry.

While each soda on its own is delicious and gives you an instant feelgood sensation, I was at a party the other night and tried the Kola with a dash of rum, so as to get an even bigger kick out of my bevvy.

And while the Creamy Soda is my favourite on its own, I’ve got to give a thumbs-up to the Raspberry Soda since a percentage of each bottle sold is being donated to LGBTIQ+ charities, a cause close to the hearts of business owners, Emma Risvanis and Nicole DiPietro-Case.

These girls certainly put their money where their mouths are, with the first recipient of their generous donation being the new Victorian Pride Centre in St Kilda, Melbourne.

But back to the science of things… The probiotic in every Bod bottle is ‘bacillus subtilis’, which is known to improve and repair the gut flora. Most probiotics don’t survive in liquid for more than a few months but this particular one does.

Plus, Bod drinks are sweetened with xylitol – an extract of birch dubbed a “prebiotic” that helps starve oral bacteria, and therefore good for your gums.

All this, and the drinks taste so, so good!

Antonino Tati


The Bod Living Soda range is available online and select health stores, cafes and independent supermarkets, retailing at $3.99 a bottle.

For more information, visit

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