Phenomenon Creative Events put on a phenomenal 30th birthday party

Thirty years is big biccies in the event services arena. It’s certainly an impressive length of business when its main partner started out as a humble DJ for weddings, parties and, yes, pretty much anything.

Paul Cumming began spinning discs under the banner of Da Doo Run Run DJs in 1989. Despite the company’s Fifties-influenced name, Cumming had an appreciation for all genres of music, from rock to contemporary pop, and quickly earned a sideline DJ-ing at prestigious venues such as Sheraton Hotel, Matilta Bay Restaurant, and the Burswood Cabaret Lounge.

Spending most of his weekends weaving his way through various venues, Cumming caught much of the goings-on of the hospitality industry at large and learned a thing or two about putting on a good party.

Eventually, he swapped the turntables for a pickup truck and some nifty furniture and decor which he’d hire out under the name of Phenomenon Creative Event Services.

This week, Phenomenon marked three decades in event services by putting on a massive party for all those clients whose own events they’d had a hand in making memorable.

Each year, Phenomenon adjusts its thoughts to pursue new looks and new markets, always delivering excellent services for any given event – be it a big birthday celebration or corporate Christmas party; specially themed engagement or home-decorated hen’s night.
This week, Phenomenon marked three decades in event services, putting on a massive party for all those clients whose own events they’d had a hand in making memorable.

Guests were greeted with offerings of champagne cocktails, fine wine and craft beers, making their way through a moving bacchanalia of fine foods, set out in various fun themes.

From a 1920s-themed whiskey bar to a 1950s parlour setting, a vibrant Latin American party set-up to even a house of horrors (for a spot of pre-Halloween fun), Phenomenon proved they have a sharp eye for clever and consistent styling and decoration. Heck, they even managed to show off a selection of new items available for hire, without the need for the hard sell since customers found themselves instantly getting cosy on plush new furnishings.

Behind the scenes, when taken for a proper tour of the company’s warehouse, you’d be astounded to witness entire sections devoted to bold and specific themes. One room is filled from floor to ceiling with wildlife of all shapes and sizes – including a couple of big-eared mammals who literally address that ol’ elephant-in-the-room issue…

Anyway, enjoy our gallery of shenanigans had at one phenomenally huge, brilliantly staged party.
Antonino Tati & Benjamin Roccamante

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