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Perth residents are the nation’s least obese – with Nedlands and Claremont leading in the ‘thinnest’ stakes

Perhaps there’s something in the water… Perhaps it’s the predominantly sunny weather sees them getting around more… Whatever the reason, Perth residents have been named the nation’s least obese.

A recent study by Health Tracker has revealed that several inner Perth suburbs possess the lowest rates of adult obesity in Australia, with specific spots highlighted as the least obese.

Less than 13% of the adult population of Nedlands are obese, which is saying something when compared to 34.3% of people in Collie (south of Perth), and a 43% obesity rate in parts rural NSW.

It could be the fact that Perth’s frigging food prices are so comparatively high to the rest of Australia, poor sods are starving themselves to a slimmer body type…

Nedlands is closely followed by Claremont (14%) as the least obese region, then Ku-ring-gai, NSW (14.2%), Mosman Park, WA (14.3%), and Willoughby, NSW (14.4%).

Professor Rosemary Calder of Victoria University said it was no surprise Perth’s wealthier suburbs have the lowest rates of obesity in the nation.

“These suburbs are usually green and leafy, with more space dedicated to parks, gardens and recreational facilities. They have a greater density of shops selling fresh fruit and veg, greater competition promoting lower prices for healthy foods, and fewer fast food outlets.”

Not to mention all that active-wear witnessed in Mosman, Nedlands and Claremont shopping quarters…

As for other suburbs in and around Perth and their affinity with thinness, it could be the fact that the city’s frigging food prices are so comparatively high to the rest of Australia, the poor sods are literally starving themselves to a slimmer body type.

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Per cent of the community that is overweight and obese by council area:


Least obese

Nedlands, WA             12.8

Claremont, WA           14

Ku-ring-gai, NSW       14.2

Mosman Park, WA      14.3

Willoughby, NSW       14.4

Cambridge, WA          14.4

Least overweight or obese

Perth, WA                   47

Melbourne, Vic            48.8

Nedlands, WA             48.5

Claremont, WA           49.5

Cottesloe, WA             49.8

Mosman Park, WA      49.8

Most obese in WA

Collie               34.3

Beverley          33.8

York                33.8

Northam          33.8

Katanning        33

Waroona         33

Most overweight or obese in WA

Collie               68.9

Kwinana          68.2

Beverley          67.7

York                67.7

Northam          67.7


National data:

  • 31.3% of adults are obese, rising from 24.6% in 2007-08 (27% increase)
  • 67% are overweight or obese, rising from 61.1% in 2007-08
  • 52.7% inactive or not getting enough exercise

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