Next up on the probiotic essentials list: Nexba Kombucha drinks

Summer is well and truly here, and if the 40-degree days are getting to you, you’re in definite need of a cool break.

A recent batch of refreshments that have been added to the office fridge are Nexba Kombucha sugar-free drinks. These bevvies contain probiotics that can survive room temperature, offering better health benefits, and they’re available in delicious flavours such as Strawberry & Peach, Rose Lemonade, and Apple Pear & Ginger.

Nexba Kombucha uses a first-to-market strain of probiotic which works substantially better than that in other brand products.

It’s a probiotic specifically designed to survive the harsh pH conditions of the stomach, so that it reaches your gut intact.

To turn your Nexba Kombucha drink into something even more spesh, like a cocktail, simply pour a shot of tequila, add a little honey and lime, and top off with Nexba Kombucha for a delicious drink to enjoy poolside.

Lisa Andrews


Nexba Kombucha 4 x 330ml pack RRP $8.50 or you can purchase 1 litre bottles at RRP $6.15 each.

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