Fringe World’s Empire Club provides a fine balance of burlesque, comedy and cabaret

Step into the Empire Club for a night of classic and avant-garde burlesque and cabaret, with acts ranging from the sexy to the damn-right hilarious.

Produced by and starring Whiskey A’more, and featuring the energetic and gorgeous Tash York as the sizzling MC, each night is an event of hot sizzle and debauchery.

The show starts with a slow burn, with snazzy jazz costumes and easy dance moves, then moves into provocative burlesque acts. Not much in that deparment that we haven’t seen before, but still burlesque is a Fringe tradition.

The second half of the show is more entertaining featuring superb stand-up, but the finale is what has the audience in stitches. Without revealing it all, let’s just say a rotund effervescent male burlesque performer, Trigger Happy – whose facial expressions can make your Grandma wee with laughter – left us with sore cheeks with his stripped back parody. (See Shreklesque for more of Trigger Happy’s burlesque parodies.)

While the sizzle factor isn’t quite scorching, the Empire Club is home to a spirited and full-bodied ensemble that is sure to entertain and please as it represents the essence of Fringe World. ★★★1/2

Annette McCubbin

Empire Club is open nightly from 9.30pm at Megamouth, Yagan Square until January 25. Tickets are available at

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