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‘Red Light Confidential’ mixes magic and sleaze with ease

Red Light Confidential is a salacious, racy cabaret with an ever-changing line-up every night. Hosted by buxom Memphis Mae, who spouts a tough brand of observational and sex-themed humour, the crowd remained surprisingly polite and did not heckle as much as expected.

Mostly the show consists of burlesque acts with a sprinkling of magic, comedy and singing.

The charming Lucinda Panties kicks of the cabaret with a song, along with three volunteers playing the instruments using tiny hands. It’s an hilarious and memorable act that hints at the absurdity and obscurity to come.

Chelsea Smiles’ burlesque number consists of a dark story about taking over the crown, with bits of wax and knife play thrown in for good measure.

Jon Mad played his cards right using magic and humour. He ended his show with a playing card stuck on his butt.

Malachi Frost went on for a little longer than expected, with the explanation of his sword swallowing technique, which half of the audience gawked at, the other half being amazed.

There are plenty of other solo acts, including Michael Wheatley, Viola Verve, Mary Lamb O’ God, Aria Scarlett and Miss Kelly Ann Doll – all whom make the stage their own given their three or four minutes.

If you like seeing variety shows, this Fringe production ought to please.

If you prefer sticking to one genre at a time – be it burlesque, comedy, cabaret or dark magic – you might like to suss out the other 699 shows in this year’s mammoth program.

Mango Adonis


‘Red Light Confidential’ is on at The Ellington Jazz Club on January 25, and at 7th Ave Bar & Restaurant January 30, 31 and February 1. The production features a variety of rotating acts. For tickets visit www.fringeworld.com.au


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