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The miracle of fruit stem cell biotechnology in each Enbacci face mask

Enbacci Face Masks are beautifully designed face masks made from fruit stem cell technology that cling comfortably to practically every inch of the face’s skin.

Ready to be applied straight from the sachet, they’re simple to use, easy to remove, and work like no other mask I’ve tried.

Enbacci use pioneering stem cell extraction biotechnology to infuse their sheet masks with highly concentrated fruit serums.

Formulated with an array of moisture boosting and skin-refining ingredients, the masks help reduce the appearance of skin ageing and skin damage which result from chronological and environmental stress. So was I not to give two different masks a go?

First, I tried the Age Revitalising Face Defence Mask, which harvests the benefits of Swiss Apple, containing embryonic stem cells from the very apples themselves.

After keeping the mask on for 20 minutes, I found it not only helped brighten pigmentation but reduced redness and left my face with a certain glow.

I read somewhere that Enbacci masks could be kept on overnight for a more intensive repair treatment and so – with the Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Mask – did just that. Truth be told, I did wake up at around 3am with half the mask sliding off my face and so I took it off, but I did get a good four hours of treatment out of it.

The important thing to note is that vitis vinifera is the scientific term for the humble grape, and that the humble grape can do wonders for human skin. Both the skin and the seed of the grape are blended in Enbacci masks to help provide intense skincare benefits. Stem cell extraction involves tiny incisions in the outer structure of the grape and the removal of microscopic cells in the ‘callus’: a gel-like covering that forms as the grape attempts to heal itself. This is emulated on the human skin.

And it really does work. The next morning I found a one-time stubborn frown mark on my forehead barely noticeable, and that my skin looked brighter and felt tighter.

The great thing about Enbacci masks is that the user is not overwhelmed with too much of a variety – uses for oily skin to combination to blah-blah-blah. Indeed, each mask has been specifically developed to be enjoyed by all skin types – including sensitive – by targeting skin cells in distress and need of repair. Full stop.

And that is peace of mind for folks like me who appreciate beauty fuss-free.

Antonino Tati


Enbacci Face Masks are available from quality beauty outlets and from www.enbacci.com. Mask sheets are individually packaged and retail at RRP $23 or available in boxes of 5 masks RRP $85.



Cream has 3 Enbacci packs to give away, each including 1 x Age Revitalising Face Defence Mask and 1 x Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Mask. To try winning, simply email your name, address and the Subject heading ‘Enbacci’ to cream@pobox.com no later than 5pm AWST, Sunday 9th February. Winners will be drawn 9am AWST. Monday 10th February and prizes will be posted out to the winner’s provided address.

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