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Upcycle business numobile delivers pre-owned handsets as good as new (plus they help reduce landfill)

Introducing the smart numobile handset: not actually new but looks, feels and works the part perfectly.

You’ve got to budget these days, even when money isn’t too tight. But your mobile device? Shouldn’t you be going all out for this necessary gizmo – purchase the latest Apple XVII, perhaps? You could if you desperately crave one-upmanship (although keeping up with the Joneses doesn’t come cheap these days).

Anyhoo, phones in general are expensive.

But one smart company has taken to recycling pre-owned handsets – ensuring they’re function-fit and polishing their casings so as that they look, feel and operate as though they were brand-spanking new.

I know, I didn’t believe it for myself.

Upcycle business numobile offers “good as nu” quality pre-owned iPhones or Samsung Galaxy phones with the option of month-to-month plans packed with heaps of data, calls and texts. And the great news is you can return or swap your phone – or change your plan – at anytime.


They’re around half the price of new phones, look fashionista enough for even Kim Kardashian to selfie with, and are fully upcycled – leaving behind less landfill.

So I asked the good folk at numobile to please send me out one. An Apple iPhone 7 arrived in a minimalist box, without the pretentious dye-cutting (which can give you paper-cuts, by the way). Still, in a white box, which is fairly Apple, anyway.

The handset itself truly does scrub up nicely, looking like it just came out of its original sealed packaging. Most importantly, it works flawlessly. In fact, it feels good to have a fresh start since the data overload of my previous phone was making it go sluggishly.

Booting up a numobile is the same as any usual new phone; fully charge the battery, pop in a SIM, and transfer the data from your old phone to your ‘nu’ one.

While the aesthetics and functionality of the Apple 7 we received were both on-point and pragmatic, I will admit that I’ve not been over-the-moon about the battery life. Let’s just say recharging has been annoyingly more regular. But the patience is worth it.

I didn’t so mind that the phone model was four years old: a metallic red Apple iPhone 7. Having previously been on Android forever, getting to know the 7 is proving a novel experience, and keeps me busy enough – thanks to Apple’s stubborn non-compatibility tactics – and I’m dealing with the recharging thing. In any case, stream and download a heck of a lot each day.

The next time you’re streaming or downloading, consider doing it on a numobile. They’re around half the price of new gizmos, look fashionista enough for even Kim Kardashian to selfie with (I’m sure she’s dug out pre-used phones on some occasion), and are fully recycled – upcycled, if you like – leaving less of a mess behind for phone-addicted generations to come.


Antonino Tati


numobile phones can be purchased outright or paid for monthly on a SIM plan.

iPhone plans with numobile start from $21 per month.

Samsung Galaxy plans with numobile start from $18 per month.

You can return or swap your phone and change your plan at anytime.

For more information, visit www.numobile.com.au.



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