It’s not enough that our pet pooches can turn from being lovable to annoying as they begin to bark like crazy. Suddenly we’re stressed out that the neighbour might be getting pissed off, or that the stranger passing our front yard might be bad-mouthing us.

NOW we can tune into the soothing sounds of rampant barking and insane swearing, thanks to a silly invention called the ‘Cuss Collar’ by American company Mschf Labs.

It’s a relatively simple gizmo that combines a leather collar strap with an injection-molded speaker that lets out a swear word each time your dog barks.

He lets out a ‘woof’ and the speaker unleashes a “shit” or “motherfucker”. See the video below starring a creepy pair of dog-owning geeks.

The manufacturer is keen to point out that the collar is purely for entertainment use.

“This collar is NOT a shock/vibration/training collar and is not intended for anti-bark training use,” they’ve said.

Just another fad, then, to chuck onto the pile of absurd costumes, Christmas deer antlers, and worn-out leashes.

Still, I’m keen to give it a go on my cheeky Chihuahua, Ringo.

Antonino Tati