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Kleenex reassures customers there’s plenty of toilet paper to go around; Coles and Woolworths stock prices expected to soar

Following days of consumer panic, with supermarket shelves being bare of hygiene essentials, Kleenex is reassuring customers that its primary product – toilet paper – will be restocked in stores as of today.

The toilet paper manufacturer posted messages on social media last night, saying it is currently producing more rolls as consumers continue to clear supermarket shelves following coronavirus panic buying.

Meanwhile, stock market shares for Woolworths and Coles are expected to soar as customers stock up on hygiene items such as hand sanitisers and disinfectants, as well as canned food products.

Panic kicked in after the death of a female resident in Macquarie Park, New South Wales on Tuesday. While the resident was 95 years old, she did test positive to coronavirus.

It is Australia’s second recorded death from coronavirus; the first being a 78-year-old evacuated from the Diamond Princess who died in hospital in Perth.

Kleenex, which is owned by Kimberly-Clark, is reassuring customers that it won’t be increasing its price of toilet tissue and other hygiene goods. Unlike retailers who have been marking up the price of their products as panic increases across the nation.

Kleenex hopes its round-the-clock production will help slow the panic.

Internationally, coronavirus has led to 3,100 deaths and more than 92,000 individuals infected.

Antonino Tati

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