Government bans gatherings of 100 or more indoors

The country’s National Cabinet met yesterday to discuss the possibility of banning groups of more than 100 people from gathering indoors. This ban is now ‘officially’ in place.

Sure to be affected by this ban are nightclubs, public bars and large restaurant venues (eg: Print Hall in the Perth CBD; Merivale’s The Ivy in Sydney).

A decision to ban inside gatherings of 100 will also affect private gatherings: basically weddings, parties, anything.

This ban is the next step the Federal Government has made in attempt to stopping the spread of Coronavirus in Australia.

At this stage the National Cabinet is saying there is “no requirement” to close down schools – despite growing concerns from parents and teachers that Australian students may become infected.

Several measures have, however, been implemented by some schools, including social distancing and ensuring that employees who have returned from overseas recently are self-isolating for a fortnight.

Religious gatherings (ie: in churches and temples) of more than 100 have also been banned, hence regarded as “non-essential”.

“We gots to get outta here!”

The government has not yet commented on whether the 100-or-more ban will next apply to ‘gatherings’ in shopping malls, supermarkets, bus and train stations or airports.

Antonino Tati

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