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Cool games to help bide the time while stuck indoors…

If one good thing is to come out of this Coronavirus chaos, it’s that we’re becoming a rather resourceful lot. Sparkly clean, and resourceful.

Being forced to stay at home (virtually) means we’ve had to come up with entertaining activities to bide the time and avoid going crazy climbing the walls.

Cream reviews four cool games to keep you and the rest well occupied.

Compiled by Antonino Tati


Where’s Bowie? 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

We’ve already told you how jigsaw puzzles are taking over shop shelves, suddenly being appreciated for the hours on end they can fill. Adittedly, some puzzles are more satisfying than others; for example, we’ll take this David Bowie themed puzzle over a portrait of a bunch of roses any day.
Designed and rendered by artist Kev Gahan, the puzzle’s details reveal pop icon David Bowie in various guises: from The Thin White Duke to Aladdin Sane to even Button Eyes of his latter days.
It’s pretty much a hip version of Where’s Wally, cramming 500 pieces into an 8″ by 8″ square. That’s bigger than a 7″ single, doncha know!


Where’s Bowie? 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle RRP $29 and available from www.amazon.com.


Cards Against Humanity Family Edition

The Cards Against Humanity franchise has been popular with millennial hipsters for years now: allowing them to drop moral compasses in the name of tongue-in-cheek political incorrectness.

Little did we realise it would soon extend to attract family.

Cards Against Humanity: The Family Edition is as over-the-top and offensive as previous versions except it’s been redesigned to be more relatable with kids (cue: more referencing to gaming and pop culture and less on, say, politics).

It’s only available in digital format for now, but will eventually be produced with physical cards. Feel free to download two different PDFs in small ‘pack’ (20 per page) or large ‘pack’ (9 per page) and print on it on plain white paper for instant, insulting fun.


Available to download at www.cardsagainsthumanityfamilyedition.com.


Monopoly Pizza

Monopoly Pizza sees players moving around the game board, trying to buy as many types of pizza as they can. Why? Because pizza’s yummy.

From Margharita to pepperoni to even vegetarian options and even a yummy mac-and-cheese, there are plenty of pizzas to collect, earning you more, er, ‘dough’ in your pocket.

A full set of flavours adds up to make an awesome ‘new’ pizza, giving those cards a higher value at the end of the game. And at the end of the game, the player who has collected the most pizza slices wins.

Easy rules; cheesy aesthetics, we know…


Pizza Monopoly RRP $39.99 and available from www.mrtoys.com.au.




Sure, there’s fun to be had in tactile board games but why not combine the contents of an old-school board game with digital benefits?

Hasbro and Mattel have teamed up with digital creator Scopely to create a new Scrabble mobile game dubbed Scrabble Go.

Ready to move beyond the board? Because there’s lots of new features to explore, including four fast-paced competitive game modes.

Find friends to play with through Facebook and feel free to express yourself in-game with easy-to-use chat emojis and phrases.


Scrabble Go is available from $1.39 for the app through various app stores.

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