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John Cena’s Biggest Career Matches With WWE

WWE has provided us with entertainment for years. In fact, for example, we love to sit back and play online casino games at online casino new zealand as we watch some wrestling matches. Over the years, there have been many matches that have been so great and have lingered on in our mind for years. This is because these were defining moments for some of the wrestlers and their wrestling careers.

One of our favorite wrestlers is John Cena, and throughout his career, he has had some celebrated moments, allowing him to earn the Hall of Fame spot in the WWE.

Throughout his career, he has battled some of the biggest superstars in WWE. He has also offered us so many wrestling styles. Over the years, he has also created a huge fanbase and has passionately called his fans the Cenation. In this post, we are going to share some of John Cena’s biggest career matches in WWE.


John Cena vs Shawn Michaels (Monday Night RAW, April 23 2007)

When this match happened, John Cena had been a laughing stock for about two years before that. WWE fans thought that he couldn’t wrestle and they said that he sucked. Because of that, he felt disrespected since he had had some really great matches before that. Therefore, he was out to prove a point.

This is when he decided to challenge Shawn Michaels in April of 2007, hoping to prove a point. Of course, he lost the match, but he pulled out quite a show. In fact, this is one of his greatest matches to date.


John Cena vs. The Rock (Wrestlemania XXVIII). There are even online slots based on Wrestlemania

The match was titled “Once in a Lifetime”, and John Cena wanted to prove himself. This was at a time when he had a winning streak and wanted to show the world how great he was. On this night, he had a chance to prove himself and again, this is one of his most celebrated matches.

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