Pirate Life Perth: ales, stouts and porters batch-brewed under the one big roof

Sneakers & Jeans are the team behind some of Perth’s most innovative and iconic venues including The Flour Factory, Hadiqa, Varnish, Caballitos and Goody Two’s – each venue as cleverly themed as its name might suggest.

Now the team are adding a new establishment to their eclectic inner-city mix with the quirkily titled ‘Pirate Life’. Actually, the name stems from Pirate Life Brewing – the company owned by Perth brewers (though the brewery is based in Adelaide), Jack Cameron and Jared Proudfoot. The pair will be bringing their successful beer recipes back home to see small-batch brews created under the one new roof.

The double J’s have given permission to the Sneakers & Jeans team to turn their namesake into what is sure to become the go-to brew-pub of the summer.

Pirate Life Perth’s multistorey space will house three bars and two kitchens: one kitchen focusing on beer-matched meals, another offering full a la carte to satisfy the business crowd and guests of special occasions. Up to one thousand guests will fit comfortably under the one roof, making it a great party space.

A host of new brews will be produced on-site (save for the pale ale and throwback IPA – which will be brought in from Adelaide), while ales, stouts and porters won’t be the only stars on the menu. A host of spirits and special cocktails will also feature on the Pirate Life Perth menu.

Pirate Life will not only act as a new cool urban hang, it will be the heartbeat of beer-brewing for Sneakers’ other venues: churning out quality brews to deliver to American whiskey bar Varnish on King, postmodern Japanese hang Goody Two’s, and Mexican party den Caballitos.

The venue’s warm aesthetic has been designed by Marcos Cain of Stickman Tribe, with Marcos no stranger to fine drinking and dining in style. He formerly managed the iconic Buddha Bar in Subiaco, where Cream once hosted a launch party and exhibition.

Cain will have his work cut out for him, with Pirate Life Perth to also include a retail store (selling Pirate Life merchandise, of cousre, and the quality beers) and office spaces hosting some 24 Sneakers & Jeans staff.

One thing is for certain: said staff are going to find it very nice working under the same roof as some of Perth’s best brewed beers and delicious new eats.

Antonino Tati


Pirate Life Perth is due to open in the summer.

The venue is situated in the old Sony building at 440 Murray Street, Perth.

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