Iggy Pop donates new video ‘Free’ to help end cruel monkey experiments

Godfather of Punk, Iggy Pop, has donated a new song and video Free, to help end cruel and vicious experiments on monkeys.

A new video features footage from PETA USA’s investigations into a National Institutes of Health (NIH) experimenter’s painful and invasive “monkey fright” tests in which they inflict permanent and traumatic brain damage on monkeys and then terrorise them with fake snakes and spiders.

“Anyone can see the pain and terror in these monkeys’ eyes. No one should have to suffer like this,” says Iggy Pop, shining a spotlight on the suffering of monkeys in laboratories. 

Numerous published studies have shown that animal experimentation wastes resources and lives, as more than 90% of highly promising results from basic scientific research — much of it involving animal testing — fail to lead to treatments for humans.

Lisa Andrews


View the ‘Free’ video below.



5 Responses to “Iggy Pop donates new video ‘Free’ to help end cruel monkey experiments”

  1. lucyspost

    Rock on, Iggy! Terrorizing brain-damaged monkeys (and wasting millions of taxpayer dollars to do so) is senseless, cruel, and does nothing to help humans suffering from mental health disorders. It’s long past time to end Elisabeth Murray’s cruel and wasteful monkey fright experiments and invest in humane, human-relevant research.


  2. Jennofur OConnor

    It’s 2020 for crying out loud! Tormenting monkeys or any animal in useless laboratory experiments is sick, twisted and unnecessary. Stop this madness.


  3. Heather Moore (@HMOORE123)

    Bless him! It’s a thought-provoking reminder that all beings,including monkeys in laboratories, want to be free. Experiments on animals are sick and pointless and waste time and money that could be better spent on humane, relevant non-animal research methods.


  4. kimmarie108

    Iggy is right! We have advanced, non-animal research methods to conduct experiments on instead of hurting and killing animals.



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