In time for Halloween, ‘Emily in Paris’ gets the horror treatment: cut and pasted into scenes from ‘Parasite’

You’ve probably read a bit about Emily in Paris, the comedy-drama series currently streaming on Netflix, if not watched it already. There’s been much hype touted about it. Much ado about nothing, really.

In short, the series follows the travels of an American girl Emily, who, like all American girls, craves to visit Paris. Indeed she ends up landing a job in the French capital, and proceeds to tarnish the romantic city with her Midwestern trashiness.

Directed by Darren Star of ‘Younger’ and ‘90210’ fame, it’s like watching those hackneyed shows combined, with a dash of ‘Devil Wears Prada’ on steroids. Saying it’s cliché doesn’t begin to cover it...

Suffice to say, a piss-take of the film has been way overdue, and is now spreading on social media in a pastiche we’ve all been waiting for, thanks to the Instagram account, Emily In Parasite.

Cutting and pasting Emily into scenes from Korean horror flick Parasite, this innovative series of pics shows what Emily’s social media posts might look like if she lived alongside the disaster-ridden Kim family.

It’s a perfect match, actually, considering the main character looks best airbrushed and lifeless.


Antonino Tati


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