New fashion app vows to fix that ‘doesn’t fit’ problem in apparel online shopping…

When it comes to shopping, returns are a major problem. Clothing and footwear bought online are the worst offenders, with 30-40% reportedly returned.

According to research, 91 percent of shoppers who ordered clothing online are not satisfied with the fit. Not to mention the often demoralising digital ‘fitting room’ given the disparity between how clothes look on a model compared to real bodies of myriad sizes, heights and skin tones.

Well, one clever, inclusive Aussie fashion app is looking to change all of that. Meet, Mys Tyler.

Mys Tyler is a shopping app that offers women of all body types a new way to find clothing that actually fits their shape, size and style. Available for free, the app matches users with like-bodied women across the globe.

“We’re fixing a critical flaw in the world of fashion that has meant women have had to buy clothes off models or influencers who look nothing like them,” says Mys Tyler founder & CEO, Sarah Neill. “Until now, women have had to imagine what clothes would look like on themselves, only to try them on with a shockingly low success rate.”

Receiving a garment that doesn’t fit definitely deflates that joy sensed when the big brown package arrived in the mail.

Mys Tyler matches women to a database of hundreds of celebrities with a range of heights, shapes and ethnicities. But while celebrities are real people, not all real people are celebrities, and so Mys Tyler is actively recruiting women from across the globe to share their fashion wins on the app. User-generated content will be available to view in the next app release. So you know they’re genuine with their published feedback.

As for the name, well, put a space between the ‘y’ and the ‘s’, and move that ‘s’ toward the T.


Antonino Tati

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