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ESK skincare delivers evident positive results in a matter of days

Since ESK Evidence Skin Care products first came across our desks, in December last year, we here at Cream have become pretty big fans.

Developed by husband and wife team Daniel Rubinstein and Dr Ginni Mansberg, these quality cosmeceuticals are ideal for various skin types.

Each product – be it a cleanser or exfoliant, moisturiser or calmant – is specifically numbered or lettered, as well as marked AM or PM to distinguish between morning or night use. Which is brilliant if, like us, your beauty regime is a busy and mixed one.

Recently, I tried three new products from the ESK range; new to my routine, anyway.

To tackle dark spots around the eyes, I applied three pumps of Enlighten around the eye area. The product contains the tyrosinase-inhibitor, scientifically named 4-n-Butylresorcinol (or 4nB), which helps lighten the skin and reduce future melanin deposits.

Within six days, my eye area was looking lighter, and that is with less sleep than usual over that first week.

Hyperpigmentation is a broad term used to describe concentrated areas of skin that become discoloured due to excess melanin production. If you have dark marks elsewhere besides the eyes, Enlighten is meant to be great for those, too.

The next product I sampled is the B Calm hydrating and calming cream. I figured it would make a good switch from my usual after-shave balm which can get quite stodgy. Indeed, I found B Calm to be immediately soothing on the skin. Due to a good dose of Vitamin B3 in the product, my skin’s moisture was maintained without feeling oily.

Speaking of which, I usually only dab a little moisturiser on my face since I can suffer from oily skin, hence I was hesitant to try ESK’s B Quenched cream. But since it contained hemp oil as well as more of that Vitamin B3, I thought I’d give it a go. Every second day, anyway.

Turns out B Quenched is V. good. I only applied it daily, every second morning, since I was already using B Calm, and found it suited me in these dissonant Spring days. Sun’s out one minute, disappearing the next, but this product – together with a little sunscreen – helps provide a barrier from harsh UV rays.

All up, I’m happiest most with the Enlighten product, will keep using B Calm, but will probably reduce the amount of B Quenched.

Antonino Tati

For more information visit www.eskcare.com or for stockists phone 1300 884 875.

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