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Australians flying overseas will need to have the Covid vaccine when it becomes available in 2021

Australians will be required to be given the Covid-19 vaccine when it becomes available next year, before they will be allowed to fly overseas, as ordered by Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce.

Joyce said that anyone wishing to fly Qantas will need to be vaccinated against the coronovirus before they will be allowed to travel on international flights, adding that the rule will be applied to anyone entering or leaving Australia. This, of course, includes anti-vaxxers.

In an interview with Channel Nine’s A Current Affair last night, the Qantas boss said that the company was also looking into the possibility of seeing passengers carry a “vaccination passport” which would allow them to travel.

“What we’re looking at is how you can have a vaccination passport, an electronic version of it, that certifies what the vaccine is,” said Joyce.

The passport would be similar to that card travellers carry proving vaccination against certain diseases when travelling to far-off places such as Kenya and Tanzania.

The heavier requirements on behalf of passengers comes at a bad time already for the airline industry which has lost billions due to lack of travel during the Covid pandemic and as airlines continue to lay off staff.

Various vaccines are still in trial stage around the world, with England’s Oxford vaccine looking promising for mass release in early 2021, and another trial in Queensland looking optimistic.

Other airlines look certain to follow Qantas’s rule about vaccinations before travelling.

Antonino Tati

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