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Survey reveals which zodiac signs have been ‘naughty’ and which have been ‘nice’ this year

It’s that time of the year when Santa is busy sorting out who’s been naughty and who’s been nice, so psychic site PsychicWorld.com thought it would be interesting to see which zodiac sign was the naughtiest in 2020, leaving the big man with a little less work to do.

After surveying 12,000 people worldwide (1,000 people per star-sign) with a variety of ‘naughty’ questions, Psychic World can reveal their official zodiac naughty list.

Questions in the survey ranged from simple themes such as ‘Have you ever stolen anything?’ and ‘Have you ever received a speeding ticket? to more sensitive queries such as ‘Have you ever had sex with more than one person in one night?’ and ‘Have you ever farted and blamed someone else?’

There was even the odd question about hygiene which saw a lot of dirty folks answering ‘yes’ to the question ‘Have you ever not washed your hands after going to the toilet?’. And this amid a coronavirus pandemic…

The naughtiest zodiac sign this year is Scorpio with a total of 873 cheeky points. People under this mischievous sign have been swearing (89% of Scorpios), cheating (63% of Scorpios), and driving recklessly (69% of Scorpios) throughout much of 2020. And in a year where we’re all meant to have been more cautious, two words for you Scorpios: fuck you.

Also likely to be receiving coal this festive season are Capricorns, securing second place, with 802 naughty points. Results show that 68% of Capricorns have blamed someone else for their own mistakes. There’s something about this star-sign that sees them being generally grumpy, too, especially those born between Christmas and New Year.

But then if you were a kid used to being given one gift shared across two major events, or having your birthday totally overlooked by folks otherwise too busy with Christmas and New Year, you’d have social issues, too.

In third place is Aries, with 753 naughty points, just beating out Virgos (688) and Leos (668 naughty points).

The nicest zodiac sign appears to be Libra, with 414 naughty points – less than half the number of points awarded to dirty Scorpios. Lovely Librans have been keeping their noses clean with only 9% of them driving through a red light and 14% having littered this year.

Second nicest sign is Pisces, securing just 461 naughty points, with only 24% of Pisces having sex in public and 16% outed as litterbugs.

In third place is Taurus, with 517 naughty points, gaining a spot on Santa’s nice list alongside Aquarius (541 naughty points) and Sagittarius (586 naughty points). And that surprises us because the Taureans we know are bitches, the Aquarians are pushy, and Sagittarians appear to not be bothered with the opinions of others so we won’t bother bitching about them.

Sitting in the middle, halfway between naughty and nice are Cancer (636) and Gemini (629) but then we kind of expected that from those two signs.

Lisa Andrews & Michael Mastess



‘Have you ever cheated before?’

‘Have you ever ‘skived’ off work?’

‘Have you ever lied to a loved one?’

‘Have you ever blamed someone else for your mistake?’

‘Have you ever not washed your hands after going to the toilet?’

‘Have you ever swore at a loved one?’

‘Have you ever stolen anything?’

‘Have you ever received a speeding ticket?’

‘Have you ever driven through a red light?’

‘Have you ever had sex in public?’

‘Have you ever cheated on a test/exam?’

‘Have you ever littered?’

‘Have you ever farted and blamed someone else?’

‘Have you ever driven through a red light?’

‘Have you ever had sex with more than one person in a night?’

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