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Pete Evans gets cut from Spotify due to “misleading” and “dangerous” rants

Former My Kitchen Rules judge and all-round weirdo conspiracy theorist Pete Evans has had his podcast removed from Spotify for violating company policy and promoting “misleading” and “dangerous” content.

Evans took to Instagram yesterday to announce that Spotify had taken down his Evolve podcast, captioning an image with: “Could it have something to do with the many brave doctors and scientists that we interview, that are warning people about these poisons that’s disguised as medicine?” 

He added: “Or could it do with the hundreds of hours of information that helps people live a healthy lifestyle … or both?”

While Spotify claim Evans’ podcast violated company policy, some of Pete’s followers called the music streaming company out, threatening to cancel their own Spotify subscriptions.

Evans’ podcast is still available on Apple, with the fallen TV host gushing, “Thanks to Apple podcasts for having me on their platform. We are the number 2 ranked podcast channel for nutritional advice according to their rankings.”

Since Pete Evans posted a pro-Nazi cartoon image on social media  several weeks ago and due to his constant spouting of unfounded information, he has been dropped as ambassador for major brands including Woolworths, David Jones, Dymocks and Pan Macmillan.

Antonino Tati

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