Schitt’s Creek’s ‘Rosebud Motel’ is actually up for sale

The motel made famous on the hilarious Netflix series Schitt’s Creek is actually up for sale. Legit.

That edifice which the once-were-rich Rose family were forced to call home is officially up for grabs, for a cool US2million.

Actually called the Hockley Motel and situated in the Canadian town of Mono, Ontario, this was one of the key sets on which six seasons of Schitt’s Creek was filmed.

If you’ve never seen an episode of Schitt’s Creek, you’re truly missing out on something hysterical bordering on insane.

Co-created by comedy veteran Eugene Levy (American Pie, Best In Show) and his son Daniel Levy, who also star in the series as fictional father and son John and David Rose, Schitt’s Creek is about a wealthy family going bankrupt and having to cope with moving to a small town and getting along with its locals.

The sale of the motel comes just under two months after another locale in the series went under the hammer – the mansion that featured as the Rose’s repossessed home in the opening scenes of the very first episode.

Who said it’s not a good time to sell on American turf?

Antonino Tati

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