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Triple J once again hands the playlist reigns over to listeners for a week-long ‘Requestival’

Oh, look. Triple J have been inspired by The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine for the artwork promoting their week-long ‘Requestival’. Let’s hope there’s plenty of Beatles in the listener-pledged set list, then. And no sign of John Cena.

There was a time when DJs – and even radio stations – were too cool for school to take requests from listeners. The DJ / Announcer / Presenter / Music Director knew their musical shit and nobody else ought pitch their suggestions.

But holey-moley, wouldn’t you know it? Triple J – that bastion for all things cool on the airwaves – is inviting listeners once again to request their favourite songs.

They did it for the first time last year, when for a week Triple J listeners heard a variety of music that the people wanted – from Beethoven’s (beautiful! classic!) Symphony No.5 to John Cena’s (annoying! shithouse!) Crazy Frog.

Next week, the Js are doing it again from 6am-9pm, Monday 10 May until Friday 14 May, where every song you’ll hear will have been programmed (ie: requested) by a triple j listener. Even triple j segments like Live at the Wireless and the Friday Mix will be by request.

All you need to do is download or update the Triple J app to make your song request.

The station also wants you to tell them why you’re choosing specific songs. Relive a memory, give a shout-out, share a secret, tell ’em about the time you ‘did it’ to this track or that, or just saying you simply love that choon.

On top of having control over the triple j playlist, listeners can also contribute their suggestions to a special request-themed Like A Version on the Friday breakfast show.

Tune in next Monday to Friday for the week-long ‘Requestival’.

Antonino Tati

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