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When reality TV gets really inclusive: Brooke Blurton is the new Gorgeous Queer Indigenous Bachelorette

You know the LGBTQIA fight for visibility and inclusivity is working when that bastion of all things pop culture, reality television, begins changing the criteria on its Bachelor and Bachelorette shows.

It has just been announced that the next season of The Bachelorette Australia will not only feature a queer Bachelorette but will also include mixed-gender casting.

It’s a world-first for the Bachelor franchise, and so too is the fact that for the first time, an Indigenous woman is being cast as The Bachelorette.

Twenty-six-year-old youth worker Brooke Blurton, a proud Noongar-Yamatji woman who has appeared on previous seasons of both The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise, where she talked openly about being attracted to both men and women.

Brooke has been labelled bisexual and sometimes pansexual, but says that she doesn’t actually have a preference with how her sexuality is referred to. She just is!

We love Brooke because she’s spunky in attitude, gorgeous in the looks department and, well, different to your average reality TV punter.

Said Brooke to The Daily Telegraph this week: “Times are more progressive and sexuality and gender expression are just so fluid these days. I am not too sure if Australia is ready for it. I hope they are. I certainly am.”

As are we.

Lisa Andrews & Antonino Tati

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