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A great record company initiative to get music lovers vaccinated

The Australian government is having a tough time trying to coax people to get the vaccinated against Covid-19 so it’s being left up to helpful independent businesses with bright ideas to get us off to the doctors and all vaxxed up!

One such business is Golden Robot Records and a clever initiative called ‘Rock The Vax’. The record label is encouraging Australian music lovers to go out and get vaccinated in exchange for a free album (on vinyl or CD) from the extensive Golden Robot Records back catalogue.

It’s a pretty nifty catalogue, too, featuring albums by the likes of Rose Tattoo, Dizzy Reed (Guns N’ Roses), LA Guns, Jefferson Starship, Horsehead, David Campbell, Hayley Jensen, Nick Barker and lots more, with genres sprawling everything from rock to country and back.

Already the initiative is proving proportionately better than anything Scott Morrison is doing, with over 500 submissions on day one alone.

After receiving such great feedback, Golden Robot Records have extended their deadline for registrations until August 15 to ensure that those who are having trouble booking a vaccination appointment due to queues can still have a chance to get involved with Rock The Vax. 

For those who are keen to secure their free album, all you have to do is email rockthevax@goldenrobotrecords.com with your digital certificate (you can get this from the Medicare app) to prove vaccination, along with your album request and postal address.

Easy peasy!

Antonino Tati

For more information head to www.goldenrobotrecords.com

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