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WIN! Copies of the newly restored version of ‘Amelie’ on Blu-ray (in celebration of the film’s 20th anniversary)

In the early Zeroes, one movie captured the hearts of millions around the world. Amelie starred Audrey Tautou as a sweet, charming central character who enjoys the simple life but views it through a fantastical – some might say, absurdist – lens.

Now, a new digital restoration of Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s award-winning classic is being released to mark the film’s 20th anniversary (initially having been released on Boxing Day in 2001).

Amelie Poulain (Tautou) lives in Paris, and she’s in a world of her own. Introverted, but with an extroverted imagination, Amelie is obsessed with the small pleasures of life and believes she can twist the fate of others by affecting the slightest changes in their environment. Hence, she sets out to give the lonely and unloved a new lease of life, taking some time to enjoy skimming stones and planning to win the heart of Nino (Mathieu Kassovitz).

The movie has made it into plenty of top 100 lists and is charming in its tone while vivid in aesthetic.

And we’ve got five copies on Blu-ray to give away! See the competition details below.


Courtesy of Icon Film Distribution, Cream has 5 copies of the newly restored version of Amelie on Blu-ray to give away. To try winning a copy, simply tag a friend on our Facebook page (beneath the Amelie post) and ask them kindly Like Cream’s FB page also (be sure you’ve Liked us, of course!). Competition closes at 5pm AWST, Friday 27th August, 2021 with winners notified by September 2nd.

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