Whether your budget is ten bucks or over a thousand, there’s something here for that special man in your life – your Dad! Cream traipses the world wide web and physical stores to pick a bunch of awesome stuff that’ll make this year’s Father’s Day feel next-level for him. Happy shopping!

Compiled by Antonino Tati, Lisa Andrews & Michael Mastess

↑ WHAT: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Foldable Phone. DESCRIPTION: Samsung’s Z Flip 3 is a more fluidly designed device than its predecessor, with the front screen now beautifully integrated and higher in its resolution. That’s great news considering its price tag is also very friendly compared to its competitors. Four things we love about it: the larger front screen with better resolution; the fact it has plenty of power and sturdy software; the colour variants (it’s available in cream, green, lavender, ‘phantom’ black, grey, white, and event pink!); and the fact it’s water resistant (a first in foldable devices) – in fact, we’re still getting our heads around the fact this phone can be submerged into water of a metre’s depth for longer than half an hour! The ultimate gift for on-the-go Dads. RRP: $1,499.00. AVAILABLE FROM:

↑ WHAT: Nextbase 122 Dash Cam. DESCRIPTION: Nextbase products are so state-of-the-art, often we’ve left them in their box until the techno-intimidation has subsided and we have the guts to rip the package open and boot it up. Not so the Nextbase Dash Cam. It’s so compact and beautifully presented, this baby was taken out of its packaging quicksmart. Even faster was the set-up and within minutes we were driving around town, recording our entire route. Playback reveals high quality video (720p/30fps), able to be shared using the free MyNextbase cloud storage. A high-precision sensor automatically detects a collision and will record everything while ‘Intelligent Parking Mode’ will automatically start recording when motion is detected to keep your vehicle safe when parked. The best (and spookiest) bit is that Nextbase cameras are equipped with night vision to record the road at any time. The camera’s compact design is 35% smaller, sleeker and more discreet than other dash cams on the market. Simple. Click the camera on and off its neodymium magnetised mount and posterity is all yours! RRP: $99.00. AVAILABLE FROM: Officeworks, Repco, Harvey Norman and

WHAT: EPOS B20 Microphone. DESCRIPTION: EPOS is a brand that brings together gaming and audio, creating next-level sound specifically designed for gamers, streamers and content creators to make the most of. If Dad is seriously into his gaming (or he happens to be making as many TikTok videos as you), an investment in an EPOS microphone is a must. The brand’s B20 mic delivers crystal-clear recording with hassle-free plug-and-play connectivity and an elegantly sleek build. The EPOS B20 is compatible with PC, PS5, PS4 and Mac, and makes the most of the brand’s 115 years in audio engineering experience. This mic delivers clarity without sacrificing the warmth of deep bass and treble tones to achieve rich, clear and enhanced vocals while reducing white noise and background sound. We tested it chatting to friends online, as well as gaming with strangers, and both parties insisted our voices sounded clearer.

The EPOS mic includes a headphone jack that allows for real-time voice monitoring and game audio mixing, giving each user the opportunity to personalise their audio experience. The good news is that the brand keeps improving on quality product delivery, recently adjusting the resolution of the gain dial, matching gain settings on the device with settings on PCs, and improving settings related to microphone attenuation. And as everyone in the music and sound-editing industry knows, technological updates are the next best thing to Christmas. Whether for solo game streams, partner casting, or team-play broadcasts, the EPOS B20 delivers superb audio quality. And the thing just looks so seriously profesh! RRP: $329.00. AVAILABLE FROM:

WHAT: PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller for PS5. DESCRIPTION: Throw Dad into a deeper gaming experience with the new PS5 controller. Features physically responsive feedback to your in-game actions with dual actuators that replace traditional rumble motors. The controller has an built-in microphone and is able to be connected to a headset for shared communication in online gaming. And on the aesthetic front, match the controller to Dad’s style with the new vivid Cosmic Red (pictured) or a sleek and more subtle Midnight Black. RRP: $119.95 (Cosmic Red) and $109.95 (Midnight Black). AVAILABLE FROM: Select retailers including JB Hi-Fi, Target, Big W and The Good Guys. More information at

WHAT: Frank Green Neon Collection Reusables. DESCRIPTION: Just because Dad likes to carry a reusable coffee mug or water bottle, doesn’t mean it has to look all rustic and hippy-like. Introducing Frank Green’s ‘Neon Collection’ of reusables – perfect for brightening up any exercise session. Think of it as the ultimate eco-friendly fashion accessory, with the Frank Green design team having lifted inspiration from the 2021/22 runway likes of Louis Vuitton, Dior, Balenciaga and Loewe. The uber-bright range features four fab colours – Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Neon Green and Neon Orange in two best-selling styles – the Ceramic Reusable Cup 10oz (295ml), and the Ceramic Reusable Bottle 34oz (1L).

Stay tuned, too, for Party Cups launching later this year. RRP: Ceramic Reusable Cup 10oz (295ml), $44.95, and Ceramic Reusable Bottle 34oz (1L), $59.95. AVAILABLE FROM:

WHAT: Lego Super Mario Starter Course. DESCRIPTION: Mum might have a library of colouring-in books to keep her mindfulness in check but what about Dad? Our suggestion? A Lego Super Mario Starter Course. The set features a Lego Mario figure that gives instant expressive responses via LCD screens and a small speaker. Lego Mario has colour sensors and small LCD screens in his eyes, mouth and belly to display over 100 different instant reactions to movement. The aforementioned speaker plays iconic sounds and music from the video game. Players earn virtual coins moving Lego Mario from the Start Pipe to the Goal Pole via spinning and cloud platforms, the question mark block, and super battles with the Goomba and Bowser Jr. figures. Rearrange the bricks to create new levels to master. All up a 231-piece set that’s sure to keep Dad mindful.

Also available is a Super Mario Luigi Starter Set. RRP: $79.00. AVAILABLE FROM: Big W, Target and other toy outlets.

WHAT: Odometer | Speedometer Cuff Links. DESCRIPTION: These very tasteful cuff links are inspired by the odometer / speedometer of a car dashboard. Before dashboards went all digital, that is! The blue enamel is so beautiful – like a Yves Klein blue that the pair will make any plain white shirt pop. Fun fact: While digital speed measures are taking over analogue ones, drivers tend to prefer the old school ‘clock’ type. Why? Because you can see at a glance a needle going up or down so as to keep an eye on your speeding, whereas digital screens don’t allow for this!

Also available from The Pop Shop are ‘stick-shift’ inspired cuff links. Made with enamel on smooth alloy. Size: 1.9 cm x 1.9 cm each link. RRP: $14.99 a pair. AVAILABLE FROM: As a special promotion, enjoy 20% off your next order using the promo code POPSHOP20.

WHAT: Thermacell Scout Mosquito Repeller Lantern. DESCRIPTION: Summer’s just around the corner (well, it’ll be here before you know it), but you can bet you’ll keep Dad protected from pesky mozzies with this nifty lantern. It effectively repels mosquitoes by creating a 21m2 zone of protection. Its smaller size, bright 220-lumen light, hanging clip and outdoor design make it perfect for the Dad that loves camping, gardening or simply being out in the backyard. RRP: $79.98. AVAILABLE FROM: BCF, Anaconda and Thermacell online.

WHAT: Ikea 7-Piece Tool Set. DESCRIPTION: Practical hand tools for all of Dad’s basic DIY needs. The tools have an easy to grip handle of soft synthetic rubber. Set comprises of: hammer with separate rubber casing, adjustable spanner, combination pliers, bits screwdriver with bits for slotted, cross-headed, allen screws and bradawl. RRP: $15.00. AVAILABLE FROM: Ikea stores nationally.

WHAT: Star Wars Darth Vader Keychain & Bottle Opener in one. DESCRIPTION: Durable and unique, this nifty key chain come bottle opener won’t need too much of the force to do the trick. A cool addition to any Star Wars collection. Made of sturdy alloy with vintage bronze look. Size: approximately 6cm x 5.5cm. RRP: $9.95. AVAILABLE FROM: As a special promotion, enjoy 20% off your next order using the promo code POPSHOP20.

WHAT: Timezone ‘Welcome’ Gift Card or E-Gift Card. DESCRIPTION: If Dad is seriously into his gaming – contemporary or retro-style – he’s sure to get a kick out of receiving a Timezone Gift Card. Send a gift card to any address in Australia, choosing your value from $20 to $200.

Cards are valid for three years from purchase and are redeemable at any Timezone centre. Or to avoid postage and delivery wait times, why not send him an eGift Card?  RRP: Whatever value you choose between $20 and $200. AVAILABLE FROM: And for location information, click here.

WHAT: Space Invaders Retro Style Aluminium Sign. DESCRIPTION: Professionally manufactured using sublimation printing with a high gloss finish to ensure that it lasts for years, this sign is for true lovers of retro gaming. Made from 0.5mm thick aluminium, it’s suitable for indoor or outdoor hanging. Perfect for the man-cave! Material: 100% aluminium. Size: 30cm x 20cm. RRP: $14.95. AVAILABLE FROM: As a special promotion, enjoy 20% off your next order using the promo code POPSHOP20.

WHAT: Ecosa Mattress & Bedding. DESCRIPTION: Ecosa make excellent bedding, not only linen but quality bed bases and superb mattresses. When you visit the Ecosa website, you’ll see over 14,000 reviews on their mattresses alone, with thousands giving five stars. The first thing Dad’ll be impressed with is the efficiency of getting the mattress set up; springing to life as it is unrolled – and all without actual springs! The secret is in a 3-layer foam construction consisting of an open-cell foam, gel memory foam, and ergonomic support foam, all working together to distribute body weight evenly – like having billions of little springs supporting you! Pressure points are significantly reduced up to 80%, which only memory foam can provide. And while spring mattresses usually begin to sag after 1-2 years, an Ecosa mattress offers longer-lasting durability. Oh, and it comes with a cover that is easily machine-washable. It’s easy to see why Ecosa was named one of the top 5 mattresses for 2021. RRP: Mattresses start at $1,099.00. AVAILABLE FROM: Forget intimidating showrooms – go straight to and enjoy $250.00 off mattress and bedding during their Father’s Day special.

WHAT: Ecosa Bedding. DESCRIPTION: Now, to the good stuff that goes on top of that mattress. Ecosa are renowned for their organic bamboo sheets which are made from a sateen weave for extra-silky smoothness. Seriously, these sheets breathe and without ever weighing you down with thread count. Even on warm nights it feels great to snuggle under them – they’re that good at acclimatising to changing temperatures. All fitted sheets, flat sheets and pillowcases are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and made using eco-conscious processes – which’ll make Dad sleep even better at night! Available in a variety of colours including charcoal, navy blue, sky blue, olive green and more. As for pillows, Ecosa knows all Dads sleep differently and their pillow should reflect that. Height-adjustable, the Ecosa pillow is designed to be the ultimate fit, with two elevation pillow pads that can be adjusted to suit his sleeping style. RRP: $240.00 for fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillow case set; Ecosa pillow RRP $120.00. AVAILABLE FROM:

WHAT: The Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Jnr. DESCRIPTION: Let Dad show ’em who’s king of the barbies. You can’t go wrong with a good BBQ, and Char-Griller have all the tools he’ll need to cook up a storm. The Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Jnr provides convenience and portability, and is ideal for patios, balconies, picnics and camping. The smaller and compact size won’t disappoint, with all the features needed to regulate temperature including dual dampers, a temperature gauge, and triple wall insulation, for perfect results every time. Sizzle up! RRP: $249.00. AVAILABLE FROM: Bunnings stores nationally.

WHAT: Novelty Socks from The Pop Shop. DESCRIPTION: It’s very rare that we feature socks in Cream’s gift guides, whether it’s Christmas, Father’s Day or Valentine’s but we couldn’t resist with the brilliant array of novelty socks available at The Pop Shop. Super comfy in super designs, each pair of socks is constructed from 86% Cotton, 12% Polyamide and 2% Elastane. RRP: $9.95 a pair. AVAILABLE FROM: As a special promotion, enjoy 20% off your next order using the promo code POPSHOP20.

WHAT: Glengoyne Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 700ml. DESCRIPTION: Is Dad a whisky connoisseur? Then quote the following back to him and he’ll be really impressed: Glengoyne Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky is sand-crafted from inception to glass; a single malt displaying the dramatic effect of warm air drying of the barley rather than using peat smoke. Bottled at the higher ABV, the balance between the subtle flavours imparted from the slow distillation process and the power of the unfiltered single malt, it hints at flavours of digestive biscuits, ripe bananas and a dash of pepper. Robust and full-bodied, this is a whisky of the utmost strength, best enjoyed as you like it. RRP: $97.00. AVAILABLE FROM: Dan Murphy’s and BWS.

WHAT: A Selection of International Beers. DESCRIPTION: Dad likes to think of himself as a man of the world, right? Well, he may not be travelling much during Covid times so why not bring the international beers to him! Dan Murphy’s and BWS are on an international beer tip, offering some of the best brews from lands afar and away. Choose from Mack Isbjørn Lager, a pale lager all the way from Norway; Bear Beer Lager, hailing from Denmark and often dubbed ‘the Original Danish Beer’; Korudo Premium Dry Lager, a crisp pale ale from Japan (‘korudo’ is actually Japanese for ‘cold wave’); or a Hofler Premium Lager from Germany with its touch of sweetness beautifully balancing spicy German hops.

Our pick of the bunch, though, would have to be Monsuta Japanese Lager, its name translating to ‘Monster’ and like its namesake, it’s a killer of a brew with full flavour and rich malt character. Best served very, very cold. RRP: Various pricings. AVAILABLE FROM: Dan Murphy’s and BWS.

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