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9 Beauty Must-Haves Before Heading Out of Lockdown

There are a few memes circulating about lockdown and isolation which actually hit home in regards to how “lazy” we’ve become since the beginning of the Covid pandemic.

With no need to socialise, and thanks to the assistance of filters on Facetime, we’ve let our tastes in fashion go and have mostly done away with our daily beauty routines. And rather comfortably so, we might add.

Unflattering selfies of unmade faces. Novelty socks in lieu of heels. Activewear without the activity. And home-made hair-colouring that makes Billie Eilish’s blue-rinse look positively posh. A lot of us have forsaken vanity in the name of Netflix and (actual) chill, with the whole world seemingly having gone into public image free-fall.

But now that our MPs are beginning to loosen the stay-at-home restrictions – allowing us to go out to work and play more as the Covid curve starts to flatten again – it’s time to rethink the way we look and feel.

Cream presents 9 of our favourite beauty items, all easy to use at home before stepping out into the big, bright, busy world again.

Products compiled by Lisa Andrews & Antonino Tati

↑ Clarins Gentle Foaming Purifying Cleanser

Kick your coming-out-of-lockdown beauty regime off with a classic item from Clarins. As its name suggests, this cleanser is gentle on the skin – formulated with organic soapwort extract instead of actual soap. It foams up instantly, naturally lathering and offering emulsifying properties that are perfect for washing away environmental nasties such as dust and dirt. Perfect for combination and oily skin types and best used morning and night before bed. Oh, and if like us, you’ll be sure to follow with a dab of Clarins Beauty Flash – it always works to liven up the face.

Available to purchase online at www.clarins.com.au, RRP $42.00, for 125ml.

↑ Boost Lab Multi-Peptide Anti-Ageing Serum

Some beauty products take time to take effect and often you don’t see results until at least a week. The surprising thing about Boost Lab products is that we noticed positive results within two days! The Multi-Peptide Anti-Ageing Serum is formulated with a cocktail of active anti-ageing peptides, along with a complex carbohydrate blend that work together to reverse signs of ageing and increase skin hydration. After 10 days we also noticed the reduction of puffiness under the eyes and, believe us, we’ve had a busy week and a half (in Perth PR events have been on business as usual). Peptides really seem to be the way to go with beauty products today, and when they appear in products without the oiliness – such as Boost Lab’s do – and without nasties such as sulphates and parabens – like most of the great products on this page – we’re happy to hype them up even more so.

Available to purchase online at www.boostlabco.com, RRP $29.95, for 30ml dropper bottle.

↑ Jojoba Hydrating Peptide Day Cream

Few natural ingredients hold the restorative properties that jojoba does. First of all, ‘jojoba oil’ isn’t actually an oil but a liquid wax that is extracted from the jojoba seed and shares the same molecular structure as natural wax esters found in human skin. Hence, to boost the skin’s ability to receive nutrients and antioxidants, jojoba is a natural winner! Enter The Jojoba Company brand – one with its farm based in the small rural town of Yenda, New South Wales (that is if you can call 80 hectares of jojoba bean plantation small!). The Jojoba Company prides itself on embracing one of nature’s greatest gifts to skin, knowing full well the jojoba plant itself is carbon negative so it actually removes carbon from the atmosphere. The bean and wax are great for moisturising, keeping bacteria at bay, helping promote collagen, assisting in the speeding up of wound healing, and so much more. We tried The Jojoba Company’s Hydrating Peptide Day Cream for two straight weeks and can honestly say it helped reduce fine lines on the forehead, improved overall firmness, and left us feeling fresh. The added ingredient of pomegranate oil also leaves a lovely scent, while natural active peptides literally ‘pep’ up the brightness in your skin. A brilliant product, quite literally, and so nicely priced.

Available to purchase online at www.thejojobacompany.com.au, RRP $34.95, for 50ml.

↑ Medik8 Oxy-R Peptides Serum

There’s something positively clinical about Medik8 products, and we’re loving their newest release, the Oxy-R Peptides Serum. If hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tones are an issue, this serum works a treat in solving it. The main magic ingredient is Oxyresveratrol – a naturally occurring phenolic compound that helps bring consistency to skin tones. In nature, you’ll find Oxyresveratrol in grapes, peanuts and mulberries. Harnessed by Medik8’s patented brightening technology, Oxy-R leaves the skin looking lighter, brighter and feeling freer from toxins. All this magic from a small 10ml dropper bottle, with a couple of drops used morning and night. Even better results when you adopt Medik8’s ‘CSA’ strategy: using vitamin C and sunscreen after applying Oxy-R in the morning and vitamin A after applying it at night.

Available to purchase online at www.medik8.com.au, RRP $124.00, for 2 x 10ml dropper bottles.

↑ Tailor Skincare Eye Gel, Serum & Facial Hydrator

Tailor Skincare is a cult beauty brand we’ve only recently discovered. Hailing from New Zealand, the Tailor range includes cleansers, scrubs, serums and creams that are concentrated and active from the get-go, incorporating natural base products, often locally sourced (eg: Bentonite clay from Hawke’s Bay, NZ, and grapeseed oils from the Marlborough region). One of the brand’s standout products is Hydrate: a three-in-one product that acts as Eye Gel, Serum and Facial Hydrator. Using a combination of Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), bark extract, and the very scientifically sounding Sophora Microphylla (from the kowhai plant – a legume native to New Zealand), Hydrate helps bright up the area around the eyes while providing long-lasting hydration. The bottom line: this nifty product helps reduce fine lines and dull skin while boosting brightness and skin hydration all at once. Absolute magic in a 50ml bottle!

Available to purchase online at www.tailorskin.co, RRP $59.00 for 50ml.

↑ House of Immortelle Anti-Wrinkle Serum

What more could you want from a beauty product than something that is easily applied, non-greasy on the face, but most importantly works in reducing signs of ageing and boosting collagen and hydration? House of Immortelle’s Anti-Wrinkle Serum is packed with vitamin B5 and free from artificial fragrances, colours, silicon or paraben. Really, the star ingredient in this oil-free moisturising gel is hyaluronic acid – a simulation of the body’s natural hydrator – which helps to bind moisture to the skin. Natural collagen is boosted while hydration is locked in, preventing further deterioration from premature ageing. Other key ingredients include eucalyptus stem cell (giving oxygen to the skin), jasmine (deep moisturising properties, and delicious pomegranate (strong antioxidant properties). All up, it’s magic in a bottle.

Available to purchase online at www.houseofimmortelle.com.au, RRP $54.95 for 30ml dropper bottle.

↑ Jurlique Signature Mist & Calming Mist

Jurlique is famous for its signature face mists, designed to prep and hydrate your skin to be  ready for the next steps in your beauty ritual. Or, be like us and carry it in your handbag or manbag as a constant refresher on the go. The Herbal Recovery Signature Mist is lightweight but packed with punch, instantly re-energising dull and tired-looking skin. It also helps soften the complexion while doing the hard work of fighting off environmental aggressors. The thing we love most about this mist is its subtle floral fragrance, always leaving you with a lovely scent of lavender and rose.

For something more serious, the Calendula Redness Rescue Calming Mist helps sooth irritated skin, thanks to the plant’s healing properties and its natural ability to rebalance skin sensitivity. This mist provides instant hydration and is suitable even for delicate skins. The Calming Mist also leaves behind a nice scent, as you’ll note tinges of chamomile and cucumber in this all-round soother.

Available to purchase online at www.jurlique.com/au, RRP $55.00 for the Herbal Recover Signature Mist, 100ml; RRP $55.00 for the Calendula Redness Rescue Calming Mist, 100ml.

↑ Oral-B 3D White Emulsions Apply & Go Kit

If, like us, you’ve tried the entire spectrum of teeth whitening procedures – from laser whitening to Invisaligns – you’d know that some of these are quite the hassle. Sitting in the dentist’s chair with your mouth gaped open as little laser beams do goodness-knows-what to your teeth… Having to sleep with clunky plastic molds cutting into your gums… It’s not all fun. Now there’s an easy, even enjoyable, solution to teeth whitening courtesy of Oral-B. The new Oral-B 3D White Emulsions kits is so simple, you can do it with your eyes half-closed (and believe me, my eyes are half-closed that close to bed-time when I’m brushing my teeth – Ed). It’s the first ever ‘leave-on’ treatment by the trusted brand and it’s ideal for on-the-go, too, since all it takes is the tube of White Emulsions and handy pen-size applicator wand. The procedure is no-fuss and doesn’t require any rinsing. Simply apply a dab of the Emulsions – which is kind of like a toothpaste-y gel – to your teeth one by one, and even between the teeth since the wand has a slim flat end. Active peroxide droplets absorb quickly into your teeth, and there’s no sensitive feeling that you get with some teeth gels. After just a week’s worth of daily application, teeth will be visibly whiter. And that’s something to really smile about!

Available from Chemist Warehouse and Priceline, and for more information visit www.oralb.com.au.  

↑ Dermaenergy Skincare Range

Dermaenergy is a vibrant and affordable Australian skincare line that approaches skin health holistically and with a queer aesthetic in mind. Each product is aligned with a colour from the LGBTQI rainbow flag. Red for Calm The Harm – a serum that helps soothe redness and inflammation; Orange for Solution From Pollution – a serum for complexion protection containing strong antioxidants; Yellow for Refine Over Time to help smoothen skin and fight pigmentation, and so on. We tried the other end of the rainbow spectrum: Green for Clean With Envy – a foaming cleanser which while a little too moisturising for our face, did wonders as a body wash (and the hint of pineapple is delicious!); Light Blue for Hydrate And Inflate – a wonderfully light hyaluronic serum that moisturises and softens the feel of the skin; and darker blue for A Happy Medium – a medium-bodied moisturiser, perfect for combination skin. Easy application, too, thanks to the colour coding in their packaging.

Dermaenergy combines what they have dubbed the ‘ATP Complex’, using Adenosine Triphosphate in all cleansers, treatments and moisturisers, so that their full range activates the skin at the source, promoting great long-term results. And through the Queer Chemistry Initiative, proceeds from the sales of Dermaenergy products are donated to charities that provide support and health services to the queer community. Now that’s a nice, bright initiative.

Available to purchase online at www.dermaenergy.com.au, product prices vary.  

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