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Donald Trump has launched his own social media platform called ‘TRUTH’ (lol)

Donald Trump trying to spell ‘covfefe’…

What do you do if you’re a loser ex-president of the US who relies on social media for attention but have been banned by major social platforms? Start your own social media platform!

After being banned from both Facebook and Twitter, Donald Trump has announced he will be launching his own platform to shout on and will be calling it, get this, TRUTH. That’s with captial letters and all, but we’re not sure the internet will care about this when it comes to URL-ing.

TRUTH will be a platform where mad Donald will get to spout his mad views and will have the tagline ‘Follow the truth’ so that his many redneck followers can, well, keep following.

Looking a little like Twitter’s template, we’re sure we’ll be seeing a lot of racist / prejudiced / homophobic / disable-phobic comments flooding the platform… along with thousands of typos, knowing how low the IQs of most of Trump’s followers are.

The app can already be downloaded from the App Store. And what the heck, we’re going to follow it. Purely for laughs, of course.

Antonino Tati

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