Fantasie: a grand spectacle of glitz and ‘clitz’

There are many sexy Fringe shows that offer burlesque, circus, dance, striptease or, if you’re lucky, a combination of all four.

And if you like your shows with lashings of nudity, then Fantasie might be the show for you.

It’s a spectacular combination of Las Vegas-style showgirls performing to a cool soundtrack.

A highlight is Frankie Fatale – Australia’s most iconic stripper – who includes X-rated, full-frontal nudity in her show; something you might think you see regularly at Fringe, but you don’t!

The old Imax venue has breathed new life to a performance theatre, alongside a retro-fitted restaurant and bar remarkably housing a proud vintage collection of pinball machines, smattered with pop culture icons. Its kitsch name, The Royale Theatre, suits the place to a T.

The stylish theatre certainly makes a welcome change from the hard, plastic seats – with comfortable padded seating, all with a great view of the stage, in airconditioned comfort and a rear bar for easy access.

If you really want to make a night of it, splurge on the VIP booth for a more private and spacious viewing or get in the thick of it with front-row cabaret tables labelled the ‘Splash Zone’ and, yes, only for the brave.

Utilising the massive screen as a visual stimulus for juxtaposing images, surrounded by a dynamic soundtrack, expect sensuous aerial acrobatics, choreographed routines with raunchy female dancers, a touch of comical slapstick and, of course, lots of water.

Fatale much like fictional film character, Jessica Rabbit, is a larger-than-life living caricature of energised sensuality and lust, a pure cheeky vixen seeking to revolutionise the world of adult entertainment.

While there is nothing new or surprising to be seen here, Fantasie is fun, energetic, sexy adult fare, sure to sell out each show, so get in quick.

Annette McCubbin

‘Fantasie’ is on from January 20 until January 31. Tickets are available through

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