Crème de la Crème: a daring variety of hot and hilarious circus acts

If you’re looking for a weird and thrilling, A-class production that presents a variety of polished circus acts, look no further than fun late-night treat Crème de la Crème at Perth’s Fringe World.

In sum, it’s a variety night of high energy, breathtaking aerial antics and comedy slapstick that is so hilarious, we were left in stitches and yearning for more.

Fringe regulars, Head First Acrobatics, are a multi-award winning, Melbourne based troupe that have built an enviable reputation of world-class circus-style performance, including last year’s widely successful show Railed which was a fan favourite. In 2022, the lads have added new female talent who bring their own sensual flavour to the show, skilfully working classic hula-hoop moves with attitude and sensually hinging curves on the aerial ropes.

Cal Harris is charming as ever as the “hottie” host who additionally is better at improv comedy than many of the comedians I’ve seen. With the most impressive physical strength, Cal mesmerises us by his ability to dangerously balance on a stack of five chairs sky-high, to touch the theatre ceiling lights with his feet, during a courageous handstand.

As an ardent fan of these guys, I must admit that I selfishly wanted more stage time with them. It’s a terrible admission, I know, as the female artists were terrific in their own right. However, the guys and the girls just didn’t seem to gel, and a cohesive theme was lacking between their sets.

Basically, the lads and the title of the show didn’t quite match the content delivered. Although the hot sizzle is definitely amped up with a clever hint of cheeky nudity through sophisticated adult circus antics. That said, the successful juxtaposition of physical strength and cheeky acrobatics fashioned into humorous slapstick is a style that appears to be favoured by audiences at Fringe these days (see: Briefs).

The opening act of Crème displays exceptional skills with silky choreography and precision timing, harnessing the spinning wheel in an effortless way. We are introduced to a new adorable comic persona, Mr Finale, stitched up with a cooky European accent and showcasing a superb display of slapstick. Mr Finale’s act is the most hilarious and teasing of nude acrobatics, less about revealing the anticipated ‘sizzle’ and more about drawing raptures of laughter from the audience. A winner in all our books. Liam amazes us by using only his mouth to dangle while performing astonishing aerial acrobatics. Even after a hand injury, he masters an incredible act; much respect as the show indeed does go on.

Another funny spectacle is the super-fit mullet marvel, a bogan party animal celebrating our iconic Aussie sausage roll and tomato sauce in ways we didn’t think fit for circus! Cringy but funny.

Held at the grand Main Hall in the Girls School, there is air-conditioning in this roomy venue, enabling a comfortable reprieve from Perth’s summer heatwave. With an additional funky outdoor courtyard with bar and food trucks, this is a one-stop destination.

Don’t miss the fabulous Crème de la Crème. It does not disappoint, offering incredible variety-style entertainment that is daring, brave, hilarious and joyful with a smatter of sexiness. Why not join the talk of the town?

Annette McCubbin

All sessions of GODZ until the 1st of February will be a performance of Crème de la Crème. Presented by Head First Acrobats Pty. Featuring the same cast and breath-taking acts, you can rest assured you’re still in very safe hands. This change is due to non-acrobatic performer injury. For ticketing and more information, visit

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