A great Spotify playlist of locally made new tunes to help soothe you from all that Covid chaos

What do you get when bring a delicious spiced rum and bunch of up-and-coming talented music artists together? A mighty fine playlist to enjoy while supping some of the nicest rum this side of the equator.

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum has announced the launch of a project called ‘After Dark’ – a collaboration designed to connect up-and-coming Australian artists with Spotify listeners.

Since the pandemic began, local music artists have suffered financially and artistically – not having the funds to make great songs, and not having the means to get them out there and enjoyed by the punters.

The Kraken is trying to do their bit to keep Aussie music alive by teaming up with five up and coming Aussie and curating one very cool playlist, After Dark, hosted on Spotify.

According to a press release, the playlist “imitates dusk with a subtle hint of brightness and melody, engulfed in darker, edgier beats and basslines”. Something for everyone, then: moody and auspicious, urging us to make peace with all the chaos and change currently going on in the world.

Jackson Brazier is one of the five artists picked up by The Krakken to promote on their Spotify playlist.

Artists include genre-defying Jackson Brazier (@jxn_), Moutaiz Al-Obaidi, (@motez), Jerome Farah (@jerome.farah), Steve Cousins (steve_cousins_music) and Toby Nicholls (@nerve.mp3), with tunes perfect for summer after-dark rum sipping.

Tune in, kick back and enjoy!

Lisa Andrews


The ‘After Dark’ playlist is live to stream via Spotify tonight from 8pm AEST.

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