Ad land unleashes a batch of fake ads for April Fools Day

When it comes to April Fools, no industry likes to take the mickey more than advertising.

A bunch of ad creatives had fun today, posting stuff online for sale that, well, just don’t exist.

Mock campaigns include an ad for Heinz Beanz with Weet-Bix – a breakfast mix idea that really oughtn’t had made it out of the boardroom; Chief Bars ‘Impossible Meat Bar’ – taking a tongue-in-cheek approach to health bars made from plant-based meat; and a travel offer from Webjet where punters can choose a budget ‘Skydive Seat’, where they only fly half the way then get parachuted out of a plane to reach their final destination.

See more mock ads for April Fools at but don’t be too quick to click ‘Buy’.

Antonino Tati




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