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Forget the obvious cookbooks. Let Mum know you’ve put real thought into your gift-giving this Mother’s Day. From hobbies to houseplants, beauty products to bedding, glorious drinks to clever gardening, we’ve got all bases covered in this here guide.

Compiled by Antonino Tati, Lisa Andrews & Benjamin Roccamante


↑ WHAT: Bialetti Moka Coffee Percolator. DESCRIPTION: The Bialetti Moka Red coffee percolator brings full-flavored, full-bodied espresso to her home. This easy-to-use and simple stovetop percolator is constructed in the same form as the traditional Italian style percolators of the 1930s. And boy, have they stood the test of time. Features a flip-top lid and stay-cool plastic handle which kind of looks like a muscled arm! Keeping the Bialetti Moka clean is as easy as washing it with soap and water and letting it dry with the other dishes. It’s made in Italy, of course. RRP: $80.00. AVAILABLE FROM: www.coffeebeanery.com.au and www.coffeacoffee.com.au.


↑ WHAT: Heavily Meditated Book & App. DESCRIPTION: The Heavily Meditated app is useful for when you want a little time away from work, social media, or plain stinking thinking to simply just relax. Beautifully designed with striking ’70s motifs across easily navigatable pages, you’d think you were about to scroll through a Spotify list of soul tunes, but instead psychedelic soundtracks and soothing voiceovers transport you into various states of mind-rest. Since Mum might also like some of these transcendental tips at her fingertips, there’s also a handsomely bound book by Heavily Meditated founder, Caitlin Cady, covering everything from lessening your stress to learning to be in the present. Cody offers tips on changing your brain for the better, hitting mute on self-doubt, and nourishing good vibes.

The Heavily Meditated book and app are practical tools that provide powerful perspectives to help you tune into your highest self. RRP: $34.99. AVAILABLE FROM: quality book stores, Booktopia, or try www.caitlincady.com direct.


↑ WHAT: Bridgewater Biscuit Tin: Vegetable | Garden Apples by Emma. DESCRIPTION: Apple cake, apple and cinnamon turnovers, apple crumble squares, apple fritters… just think of all the delicious things you could make and store in our Vegetable | Garden Apples biscuit and pastries tin. L 195mm x W 154mm x H 75mm, it’ll fit snugly on any pantry shelf. Oh heck, it looks so pretty she’ll want to leave it out on the breakfast counter. Easily wiped down with a damp cloth and dries thoroughly. RRP: $19.95. AVAILABLE FROM: www.rubyshomestore.com.au.


↑ WHAT: V Rose Apothecary Products. DESCRIPTION: Everything about V Rose Apothecary connotes a sense of the rustic and the natural. These unique, beautifully packaged bottles contain all-natural ingredients with nary a drop of nasty chemicals. The base ingredient is damask rose, prized for its anti-aging effect on skin, and it is an ingredient that works well in massage oils for its relaxing properties. Highlights in the V Rose Apothecary range include the ‘Eros’ Face & Body Oil, a multi-corrective formula that also contains sweet almond, wild carrot and frankincense to deliver optimal nutrition to the skin, leaving it firmer, brighter and better hydrated.

Then there’s the magic of Dragon Blood Oil to use on the scalp. The elixir includes tiny flakes of gold to amplify the other ingredients of camelia oil and various herbs to deliver alchemical results. The scalp and hair are left looking revitalised and feeling softer. Finally, we love the Rose Water Face Mist, a signature rose product in the range. At the bottom of the bottle is a clear quartz crystal that increases the potency of the rose ingredient, soothing the skin and providing extra hydration. Each V Apothecary product is individually created and packaged, stamped with a candle wax seal and/or label outlining the benefits of each product. Mum is going to feel like she’s in an ancient bath house in Cyprus when she gets her hands on these beautiful products. RRP: Eros Face & Body Oil $64.95 for 200ml; Dragon Blood Crown Oil $64.95 for 100ml; Face Mist $39.95 for 200 ml. AVAILABLE FROM: www.vroseapothecary.com.


↑ WHAT: Captain Morgan Tropical Coconut & Watermelon. DESCRIPTION: It might look like we’re heading toward a wet and wild winter but that doesn’t mean we can’t fantasise about lovelier, tropical days. Brighten up Mum’s big weekend with a bottle of Captain Morgan Tropical Coconut & Watermelon. Inspired by the Captain and his crew’s adventures through the South Pacific Islands and the deliciously tropical tastes they discovered there, this delicious concoction includes coconut and watermelon, of course, combined with the finest Spiced Gold rum. The ingredients are so wonderfully intense that even just taking the bottle out of its delivery box, you’ll get a whiff of the heady ingredients. Enjoy it on its own on ice; with a dash or lemonade; or in a ready-to-drink can mixed with soda. RRP: $45.00 per 700ml bottle, or $22.00 for 330ml RTD 4-pack. AVAILABLE FROM: Dan Murphy’s, Liquorland, and select bottle shops.

↑ WHAT: Handmade Indian Nested Dolls – Set of Three. DESCRIPTION: These beautiful hand-painted nested dolls feature three differently sized dolls adorned in elegant polka-dotted Indian traditional outfit: Sari, Bindi on their foreheads and bangles. This set contains 3 dolls with decreasing size placed one inside the other. Hand-carved and hand-painted on Indian wood by artisans each doll is unique and will vary. Made in India. Big Doll Height = 140 mm, Width = 55 mm. Medium Doll Height = 100 mm, Width = 45 mm. Small Doll Height = 70 mm, Width = 30 mm. RRP: $24.50. AVAILABLE FROM: www.aksahomedecor.com.


↑ WHAT: A Splendid Array of French Rosés. DESCRIPTION: Dan Murphy’s has introduced a divine range of French Rosé wines, each one light, elegant and with the classic pale pink hue that is lighter than the usual Australian berry-laden drop. Pictured from left to right: Mirabeau has a nose of red summer fruits mixed with a citrus aroma; it’s a perfect match for seafood dinners or light roasts; Miraval is from the magnificent château owned by Brad Pitt, and is a flavoursome blend of cinsault, Grenache, Syrah and Rolle, all bursting with notes of berries citrus and melon, finishing with a fresh, vibrant acidity. To know that Brad had a part in creating this wine makes it extra-special.

Then there is D’Adimant Rosé, produced from a rich blend of grapes including Cinsault, Syrah and Carignan, gently pressed to leave an oh-so delicate pink blush and maintain its fruit purity; and Lucile, which translates to ‘light’ thanks to its brilliant colour and floral-meets-fruity aromas; Lucile is a delicately balanced wine made of grapes gathered from the ‘Géant de Provence’ region. If Mum takes her Rosés seriously, any one of these four beauties ought to please her on that special day. RRP: Mirabeau $22.99 a bottle, or $131.40 for a six-case; Miraval $34.99 a bottle, or $199.80 for a six-case; D’adimant $19.99 a bottle, or $114.00 for a six-case; Lucile $19.99 a bottle, or $114.00 for a six-case. AVAILABLE FROM: Dan Murphy’s stores nationally and online.


↑ WHAT: Jurlique Hand Cream and Rosewater Balancing Mist. DESCRIPTION: Jurlique has released an exclusive collection that celebrates the remarkable flora that is roses, with its Exclusive Edition Rosewater Balancing Mist: Five Roses matching beautifully with its Hand Cream: Five Roses. This year’s scent and formula includes five unique roses that are grown on Jurlique’s Biodynamic Farm. As any good botanist will tell you, roses contain a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Rose oil is extremely beneficial in providing hydration to the skin as well as refining the skin’s texture, while the petals and stem also offer astringent properties, making them handy in helping reduce acne, settle redness, and correct inflammation. So far as Mother’s Day gifts go, this has got to be better than temporary bouquet of flowers. Or heck, get her both! RRP: Exclusive Edition Rosewater Balancing Mist Five Roses, 100ml RRP $53.00; Exclusive Edition Hand Cream Five Roses, 75ml RRP $49.00. AVAILABLE FROM: Jurlique spas nationwide and at www.jurlique.com/au.


↑ WHAT: Opty.NC Ultimate 1.0 Skin Food Elixir. DESCRIPTION: This magical elixir is a complete skin food supporting collagen formation, skin and immune system function, and gut health all in one. Each premium natural ingredient is meticulously sourced from across the globe and incorporated in proven dosages to create this unique four-in-one product. Contains live biotic cultures, botanically sourced antioxidants and a whopping 10,000mg of marine collagen peptides which work together to help support collagen formation and skin and gut health. In fact, a 28-day supply of Ultimate 1.0 Skin Food Elixir can lay your foundation for vibrant, radiant skin as well as complete gut health with one simple, great-tasting daily dose.

Simply add two scoops (using the handy Opty.NC wooden scoop provided) to 300ml of water, stir, and bottoms up! Essential nutrients include biotin, niacin, riboflavin and vitamin A, while there’s also a good dose of grapeseed extract to help protect skin cells from oxidative stress, and the most delicious strawberry aftertaste! RRP: $159.00 per 392g pouch. AVAILABLE FROM: www.optimanutricosmetics.com.au.


↑ WHAT: Readly App. DESCRIPTION: For the digital lit lover, with its prime focus on magazines, Readly is for the avid zine lover. This ‘all you can read’ magazine app offers subscriptions to thousands of local and international titles. It’s like a Netflix or Spotify subscription – but for magazines! There are loads of home, gardening, food and women’s interest magazines for Mum to read, as well as crosswords and sudoku, if she’s so inclined. Mum will have access to around 5,000 magazines on one app, available on many devices. It’s also a super eco-friendly way to read magazines so it’s great for the environment. Readly also offer gift cards for 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions. RRP: $14.99 subscription per month. AVAILABLE FROM: www.au.readly.com/giftcards.


↑ WHAT: Monat Night Haven Age Control Cream. DESCRIPTION: There comes a time in a woman’s life when being gifted anti-ageing products is considered more a conscientious move and less an insulting one. Especially if it’s you giving the good gift to your Mum. Monat Night Haven might best be described as a “pillow-soft” night-time moisturiser. It melts softly into the skin and features that help boost the skin’s natural renewal process. Working overnight to lift, plump, smooth, soften, and improve skin’s elasticity for a brighter, more glowing complexion. Only a tiny amount per night is needed as a little Monat goes a long way since it is packed with key actives such as avocado oil, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and shea butter. RRP: $124.00. AVAILABLE FROM: www.monatglobal.com.


↑ WHAT: Tread Softly Delicate Botanicals Pink Gin. DESCRIPTION: Eco wine brand Tread Softly is onto a winner here. Its new botanical pink gin is loaded with juniper, jasmine, native citrus, angelica, pink rose, chamomile and even hints of eucalypt and nutmeg. A lot going on, but never too robust. Not only does it make for the perfect classic martini, its packaging is quite possibly the most beautiful we’ve seen a bottle of alcohol wrapped in! Flora and fauna illustrations can be seen through the glass and clear liquid, amplifying the brand’s eco message They’re certainly more than just pretty images with Tread Softly using 100 per cent recycled glass in its bottling. Now the beautiful bottle might be made in Spain but the full contents are brewed and distilled in Victoria.

On another natural note, Tread Softly plant a native tree in Australia for every 6 bottles sold*. And once emptied, you can use the gloriously designed bottle to hold water for the table, or as a handsome candle holder. How’s all that for feeling extra eco-good? RRP: $59.99. AVAILABLE FROM: Dan Murphy’s.

* Since 2019, Tread Softly have planted over 500,000 trees in conjunction with Carbon Neutral.


↑ WHAT: Andy Warhol ‘Blue Marilyn’ Ceramic Mug. DESCRIPTION: The original for this famous artwork is set to sell for over $200 million in May. Get Mum her own trusty mug for a fraction of that price. Made of sturdy ceramic with capacity to hold 330ml, Mum will love this microwave-safe and dishwasher safe arty mug. There’s an interesting story behind Warhol’s ‘Shot Marilyns’ series, actually. You see, a performance artist named Dorothy Podber saw five finished Marilyns leaning up against a wall and asked Warhol if she could “shoot” them. Warhol, thinking she meant shooting photographs of the works, said yes. Podber then pulled a revolver from her bag and shot the Marilyn canvases right in the forehead of each portrait. The bullet only went through four of the five canvases, so subsequently Warhol chose those four to be part of his series “Shot Marilyns”, one of which is this Blue one.  RRP: $23.95. AVAILABLE FROM: www.thepopshop.shop.


↑ WHAT: Books to Help Take the Load Off. DESCRIPTION: In this busy age, overloaded with information and pandemic fear, it’s necessary to just switch off and get into some light reading. Here are three books Mum would surely love to lay on the sofa and cruise through.

In Practising Simplicity, author and photographer Jodi Wilson shines a light on all the great things in life that don’t cost money and how you can incorporate these into her lifestyle, whatever the circumstances. There’s no nagging on the author’s behalf, just simple suggestions to lighten the load, be it connecting to nature, getting clear perspective, or just embracing gratitude for the little things in life. RRP: $32.99.

The Why by Isabelle Cornish offers healthy habits for an epic life, allowing the reader to take stock, turn negative thought patterns into positive ones, letting go of past trauma, and staying true to your beliefs. There are health hacks aplenty, and lots to realise when we let go of pain and embrace the fullness of life. RRP: $19.00.

Finally, a little light reading wouldn’t be the same without a subtle fashion fix. The ‘Little Book’ series by Wellbeck Books offers insight into various designers, one of the latest releases being the ‘Little Book of Valentino’. Karen Homer puts the spotlight on one of fashion’s greatest creators of female fashion. Valentino’s designs are synonymous with classic Italian style, ever since founding his empire in 1950s Rome. His stunning gowns still find their way regularly down the runway and red carpet, and this pocket-sized book highlights the best of these looks. RRP: $24.99.

All titles published by Murdoch Books.


↑ WHAT: Susanne Kaufmann Cleansing Gel & Nutrient Concentrate Skin Smoothing Serum. DESCRIPTION: Susanne Kaufmann is a beauty brand known for its natural yet powerful formulas that incorporate the beneficial properties of Alpine flora, sourced from the Bregenzerwald region, and crafted in Austria and Switzerland. Only the finest botanicals are selected for the brand’s trusted products, such as the signature Cleansing Gel that contains cockspur hawthorn and masterwort – two herbs known for their soothing and antibacterial properties, and the Nutrient Concentrate Skin Smoothing Serum which is packed with calendula for gentle anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect.

The serum keeps the hydro-lipid film of the skin intact to protect against environmental and seasonal stress, feeding the skin with vitamins and helping it to retain moisture. These products not only smell wonderful as you use and apply them, the results are brilliant, with skin left feeling fresh and looking plump and fully renewed. RRP: Cleansing Gel 100ml, $67.00; Nutrient Concentrate Skin Smoothing Serum 30ml, $216.00. AVAILABLE FROM: www.mecca.com.au.


↑ WHAT: Trip Around Australia Pack: Trio of Soaps. DESCRIPTION: Reduce bathroom waste and save space by incorporating two-in-one facial and body soaps inspired by landmark places in Australia. The Australian Natural Soap Company’s Trip Around Australia Gift Pack includes three handmade and 100% natural facial and body soap bars that are individually unique. They combine pure essential oils with nourishing botanicals to provide amazing skin and health benefits. These naturally scented soaps will take you on a journey to smell the breezes of Bondi Beach, to the uplifting atmosphere of Fitzroy, and the natural surroundings of Noosa’s popular parklands and coastline. Three gloriously handcrafted 100% natural soap bars (100g each) including Bondi Breeze: A nourishing, detoxifying and exfoliating body soap for all skin types; Fitzroy Flavour: A calming, moisturising and cleansing body soap for oily skin with a sweet floral scent; Naturally Noosa: A nourishing and soothing body soap perfect for dry and sensitive skin. An awesome way to remove toxins, plastic, waste and clutter from your bathroom and personal care routine.

Also, we can’t round off this writeup without mention of the soap company’s excellent, excellent Eucalyptus Face & Body Wash [this product sits proudly on my shower stand – ready for use every day – Ed]. This all natural liquid soap contains only pure olive oil and eucalyptus essential oil to really do the trick in getting rid of dirt and grime, and leaving you feeling fresh and naturally revived.

The bar has certainly been raised for easy face and bodycare. RRP: $29.00 for the pack of three soaps. $29.95 for Eucalyptus Face & Body Wash, 500ml. AVAILABLE FROM: Myer, selected stockists and online at theaustraliannaturalsoapcompany.com.au.


↑ WHAT: Zodiaque Moon Scented Candle & Extra Long Safety Matches. DESCRIPTION: Ordinarily, we wouldn’t feature scented candles in our gift guides but Zodiaque Moon are in a superlative league of their own. Each candle takes its cue from the zodiac, featuring scents that align well with each sign. Leo, for example, is a stunning combination of vanilla, lemongrass and ginger, evoking smells of exotic spice markets and fabulous trips abroad. Zodiaque Moon candles are created from a soy wax blend, using only natural essential oils, poured in small batches by artisans based in Sydney. They are double wicked, using natural fibre wicks and boast a burn time of over 45 hours. Pair each candle with a bottle of extra long safety matches, encased in recyclable glass bottle. Not only does the bottle look beautiful, its practical, too, featuring a nifty strike pad on the base. RRP: 10.5 oz scented candle, $65.00; bottle of extra long safety matches, $35.00. AVAILABLE FROM: www.zodiaquemoon.com.


WHAT: Whoop 4.0 Fitness Tracker. DESCRIPTION: Is Mum as fascinated with keeping tabs on her health as she is shopping for athleisure wear? If she’s looking for the ultimate in fitness tracking, Whoop, here it is! The Whoop is a personalised digital health and fitness coach that tracks key metrics and provides the wearer with detailed feedback to optimise exercise performance and wellbeing. Not that anyone would know you were wearing it, since there is even a range of Whoop clothing conveniently fitted with pockets to fit the device in without knowing it’s there. Whoop provides three key insights: Sleep, Recovery, and Strain. It analyses sleep duration, quality, efficiency, and consistency every night. You’ve just got to wear it for seven nights straight to get algorithms average rolling. Engineered with haptic feedback, subtle vibrations are sent to the device to wake you at optimal recovery. A green light literally gives you the green light to perform, while red might be a sign of poor recovery or illness.

Used during exercise, the Whoop can track live heart rate, skin temperature, blood oxygen, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability all in one view. That’s a heck of a lot of important data collected in one nifty device. Speaking of which, the Whoop 4.0 is one-third smaller than its predecessor, making it one of the lighter fitness tracking devices on the market. On your marks, get set, go get Mum one! Available in Arctic Gold, Ivy Rhodium and Onyx Rose Gold. RRP: The Whoop 4.0 is available through membership and subscription. The Whoop offers three pricing options: $30 per month (with a six-month minimum commitment), or $288 per year (which works out to $24 per month), or $324 for 18 months (which breaks down to $18 per month). AVAILABLE FROM: www.whoop.com.


↑ WHAT: Kasbah Ink Floor Cushion. DESCRIPTION: Featuring a Moroccan-inspired design, these gorgeous blue floor cushions are perfect for spreading out at ground level. Extremely durable, easy to clean and pet-friendly, they’re as soft as wool yet made from 100% recycled bottles – yes, even the stuffing inside! Mum might like to call the cushion her own, or if she’s in possession of a cute pooch, like the one pictured, she might sacrifice the beauty and comfort of this big cushion for the little one. Stain-resistant, machine washable and completely uninteresting to moths, dust mites and other critters. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Size: a whopping 100cm x 75cm. RRP: $375.00. AVAILABLE FROM: www.weavergreen.com.au.


↑ WHAT: Shorty Ocean Bedside Table. DESCRIPTION: This cute bedside table from Mustard Made might look short but it sure is sturdy and practical. The Shorty comes in right and left opening options, perfect for whichever side of the bed Mum sleeps on. And it not makes a great bedside table; tuck one neatly next to the office desk or snuggled one up next to the sofa as a side table. It looks like a mini gym locker but oh-so stylish. RRP: $229.00. AVAILABLE FROM: www.mustardmade.com.


↑ WHAT: Wildlife Garden Bird Feeder Nesting Box. DESCRIPTION: This miniature Swedish blue Multiholk cottage is a combination of a bird feeder and a nesting box. The shape is inspired by the architecture of the colourful traditional wooden houses. The result is a handmade birdhouse crafted of solid wood from sustainably managed forests, and painted with eco-friendly paints. Feeding slots in the bottom of the house allow small birds easy access to food, while the seeds are protected from the weather and large birds. Best of all, during breeding season, the Multiholk can be converted into a nesting box. Cosy and eco all at once! Dimensions: 18.4 x 19.4 x 24.7 cm. Weight: 1kg. RRP: $149.90. AVAILABLE FROM: www.thedesigngiftshop.com.


↑ WHAT: Rodan + Fields Redefine Amp MD System. DESCRIPTION: Since trying Rodan + Fields products for the first time last year, we have become instant fans. The products are lightweight, non-greasy, and reveal the most positive of results. So, when this ‘Redefine Amp MD System’ landed on our desk, dibs were quickly called to trial the product (I won in the end… sorry peeps! – Ed). ‘Redefine’ is an intensive renewing serum that lets you play scientist in your own bathroom. And if you’ve never had a micro-exfoliation, this is a good chance to experience a similar procedure. The system comes with a jar of capsules, each containing the potent renewing serum. There’s also a micro-exfoliating roller in the pack, cleansing container, and a batch of purification tablets to ensure all instruments are spick and span – like any good science lab ought to be.

First, fill the cleansing container with warm water, drop in a purification tablet, close the cap, and ensure the roller head is fully submerged. You’ll notice the water turning blue. When the blue colour fades (appr. 15 minutes), remove the roller and empty the water contents. Then, gently roll across your cleansed and dry face and neck, changing directions with each pass – forward, backward, diagonally. The total rolling time should only be about a minute. After this mini micro-exfoliating session, apply one capsule’s worth of the magical renewing serum over the face and neck. Et voila! Your own spa-quality beauty treatment at home. As for the real science behind the product, the Redefine capsules are each packed with peptides and retinal, a next-generation Vitamin A that is more potent than Retinol, which smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin is left feeling firmer and revitalised. There are also calcium microspheres in the mix, to make the serum gentle enough for almost all skin types. RRP: $310.00. AVAILABLE FROM: www.rodanandfields.com.au.


 WHAT: mesoestetic Hydra-Vital Light. DESCRIPTION: If beauty is on Mum’s radar this Mother’s Day, you can’t go past premium products under the mesoestetic umbrella. The first letter of the brand’s name might be lower case, but everything else about mesoestetic is upper; products that are high quality, effective, and easy to incorporate into any beauty regime. The mesoestetic mission is a simple one: combine everyday home care with professional treatments for more visible and longer-lasting results. For homecare, the brands has three rules: hygiene, treat and protect. At the heart of every regime is a good moisturiser and that is where mesoestetic’s latest product comes in. Hydra-Vital Light is a refreshing, revitalising gel-cream that provides short- and long-term moisturising while protecting against external attacks such as pollution. From the moment the gel-cream is applied, your skin feels softer and more refreshed. Its non-greasy texture makes it suitable for all skin types: normal, combination or oily and its lightweight feel makes you think you’re not wearing any moisturiser at all. The product contains hyaluronic acid which helps provide lasting hydration, and the appropriately named ‘Urban D-tox’, an antioxidant and anti-pollution active ingredient in one; plus a plant-based polysaccharide that helps aid in the repair of the skin barrier function. In short, it’s like magic… but with plenty of science! RRP: $118.00, 50ml. AVAILABLE: From mesoestetic clinics nationwide. View the full mesoestetic range at www.advancedcosmeceuticals.com.au.


↑ WHAT: Ecosa Weighted Blanket. DESCRIPTION: Nothing will make Mum feel cosier this winter than an Ecosa weighted blanket. Let her take the weight off her mind and on to her body with this calming weighted blanket. Designed to regulate temperature and not let her sweat, it’s the ultimate in relaxation. The secret is in the cooling bamboo fabric wrapped around weighted glass beads, allowing for a calm, restful sleep. Seriously, Ecosa bedding always breathes, and even on warm nights it feels great to snuggle underneath them since they’re that great at acclimatising to changing temperatures. Available in a variety of weights from 7kgs to 11kgs. RRP: $220.00. AVAILABLE FROM: www.ecosa.com.au.


↑ WHAT: Petaluma Croser NV. DESCRIPTION: Fun fact – when Cream hosted its launch issue in 1997, one particular brand of sparkling did the rounds at the 400-pax event, with many guests commenting that the Petaluma Croser was one of the nicest drinks on the night. To know that this sparkling at a very nice price in bottle shops today speaks volumes about its quality and broad appeal. But how does it taste? Croser boasts distinctive stone fruit characters with a hint of citrus to up the fruit ante. This non-vintage is a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, made of grapes plucked in the Adelaide Hills. The fruity factor sees Croser NV go well with cured meats and soft cheeses. Or be like us and pop a bottle or two at after-work drinks. A fun and fizzy drop that Mum ought to enjoy immensely. Alcohol content: 13.0%. RRP: $24.95. AVAILABLE FROM: Dan Murphy’s and other quality liquor outlets.


↑ WHAT: The new Sonos Beam Generation 2 is a soundbar as impressive in functionality as it is stunning to look at. She’ll have the speaker out of the box and delivering quality audio within minutes – the set-up is that easy. Simply open the Sonos app, plug in two cables, follow a couple of prompts, and tap your phone to the speaker. Then, wow, what a wonderful sound! Advanced audio processing precisely localises, moves and times specific sounds throughout the room for an impressive lifelike experience, while something called Trueplay™ adapts the sound for the unique acoustics of your room so that your content always sounds the way it was intended. The new Beam delivers an upgraded, more immersive audio experience, all in the same compact size, thanks to exciting improvements across its sound, design and packaging. RRP: $699.00. AVAILABLE FROM: Quality home entertainment stores or through www.sonos.com.


↑ WHAT: SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD Drive. DESCRIPTION: It might look fairly plain, but the SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD Drive (Version 2) is something Mum will treasure, especially since she can transfer all her photos, videos and music onto it for safekeeping. SanDisk has become synonymous with flash memories because it was an early-adopter, and if you check any digital camera or mobile phone you’re likely to find a SanDisk card in there somewhere. Today, it maintains its quality reputation by producing devices like the Extreme External Hard Drive, one of the best portable drives around. Not only does it respond quickly when reading media files or documents, but even when taxed with larger write-transfers, it’s one of the fastest-writing portable USB SSDs for the price. It is also water-resistant, dust-resistant, and available in capacities up to 4TBs, and it comes with a 5-year warranty. RRP: $154.00. AVAILABLE FROM: Officeworks, Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi and other electronic outlets.


↑ WHAT: American Express Card USB Flash Drives. DESCRIPTION: They look just like a black AMEX card but are actually portable USB flash drives. These flat, card-shaped drives hold 32 gigabytes of memory each. Great for storing photos and other files for on the go. RRP: $16.95 each. AVAILABLE FROM: www.thepopshop.shop.



↑ WHAT: Apollo Vinyl Record Coasters – Set of Two. DESCRIPTION: Made of the same actual vinyl as old records, these drinks coasters are thick, durable and easy to clean. Material: Vinyl. Size: 10.6cm in diameter each. Set of 2 of the same design, as pictured. RRP: $9.95. AVAILABLE FROM: www.thepopshop.shop.


↑ WHAT: Patron Añejo Tequila. DESCRIPTION: Añejo tequila is pleasantly warm and makes for a good sipping beverage for the experienced tequila aficionado who likes a bit of warmth in their drinks during winter. It’s also sweeter, more complex and more enjoyable than dram. And it doesn’t need a mixer or ice so it can be sipped neat. Patron Anejo tequila is handcrafted from the finest 100% Weber Blue Agave and is carefully distilled in small batches at the Hacienda Patron distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. It is then aged for 12 months in a combination of French oak, Hungarian oak and used American whiskey barrels. Just a couple of sips will bring to mind hints of vanilla, raisin and honey and a smoky caramel. What more can she want in the name of flavour? If you happen to be a lucky traveller, overseas in the tropics somewhere, you might want to change up your mixer. Try a simple splash of Fanta with Patron Anejo Tequila and you’ll be giving those readymade drinks over the bar a flick. RRP: $119.99. AVAILABLE FROM: Dan Murphy’s and other quality liquor outlets.


↑ WHAT: Pod Australian Hardwood Stem Vase. DESCRIPTION: Contemporary and minimalist in form with elements of beautiful imperfection and rusticity of material, Australian hardwood stem vases by Pod are designed to display single stems or small selections of natural specimens. Included inside each Pod is a glass vial to allow for flowers and plant favourites to be submerged in water. Or fill free to fill with dried flowers, foliage, branches or grasses – whatever you can forage! Available in small, medium and large sizes – or as a set of three. Lovingly handcrafted in country New South Wales from sustainably sourced hardwood, every vase is as unique as the next. RRP: $99.00 for small vase, pictured. AVAILABLE FROM: www.manualartsdept.com.


↑ WHAT: Acer Aspire Vero. DESCRIPTION:  Going green never looked and felt so good then with the Aspire Vero. The new model laptop from Acer is the first of its kind, made from post-consumer recycled plastics, which you can kind of tell from the wonderfully textured look of the chassis and screen bazel. Both parts are made from 30% PCR plastic, while the keycaps on the keyboard are 50% PCR plastic. It even feels rustic to the touch, looking like grey recycled paper but feeling like a sturdy slab. The 15.6-inch screen boasts quality resolution while everything on the keyboard looks in check, except the letters ‘R’ and ‘E’ are stamped backwards to hone in further the eco ethos.

Aesthetics aside, the Aspire Vero operates like a dream. Basically a plug-and-go, it has Windows 11 pre-installed, along with a bunch of nifty apps such as Amazon, Dropbox, Disney+, Norton Security Ultra and the full Microsoft Office Suite. If Mum is as much into gaming as we are, she’ll find the Aspire a dream to play on. The keys are quiet; processing is fast; sound is crisp; storage is impressive (512GBs of solid-state drive); graphics superlative; and overall it is one of the swiftest computers we’ve used, both for work and pleasure. So lightweight, the Aspire Vero is portable from office to home and back. Or if Mum just wants to use it to Google and YouTube, so be it! Suffice to say, if Mum’s still using an old desktop computer, tell her it’s time to level up. RRP: $999.00. AVAILABLE FROM: Harvey Norman or online.acer.com.au.


↑ WHAT: Discovery Zone Compact Binoculars. DESCRIPTION: For the adventurous Mum! Lightweight and compact, these sturdy binoculars are the perfect gadget to get a better view of what’s happening over yonder. Designed with 4 x magnification and with a soft rubberised finish, they’re also handy for sports games, bird-watching, camping and more. Small enough to be discreetly tucked away, too. RRP: $15.99. AVAILABLE FROM: www.yellowoctopus.com.au.


↑ WHAT: Davroe Repair Senses Range. DESCRIPTION: Getting your hands on Davroe Repairs Senses system is like you’ve gotten the holy grail of elixirs from your hairdresser and been able to take these home for regular, miraculous maintenance. The Moisture Senses Hydrating Shampoo instantly improves dry hair, revitalising and detangling, while promoting bounce and shine for curly hair. The secret is in the botanicals: formulated with pure plant extracts and seeds including Kakadu Plum, rice, quinoa, hibiscus and olive leaf. So gentle, it’s suitable for hair extensions, too! The Senses Hydrating Conditioner gives dry hair instant movement by moisturising and removing frizz without weighing hair down.

Finish off with the Ends Repair Leave-In Treatment – infused with natural extracts like Kakadu plum, jasmine extract and sunflower ceramides, and you’re hair will thank you for it. The Ends Repair Leave-in Treatment helps seal hair cuticles to illuminate and soften hair. It also helps prevent split ends, reduces fly-aways and leaves hair feeling oh-so soft and silky. RRP: Moisture Senses Hydrating Shampoo, 325ml each, duo pack RRP $57.90; Ends Repair Leave-in Treatment, 150ml RRP 25.95. AVAILABLE FROM: Quality online hair and beauty outlets. And visit www.davroe.com.


↑ WHAT: 3D Bookmarks. DESCRIPTION: These bold bookmarks add dimension to your reading. Choose from The Origin of Species: Evolution of Man; Titanic; Yellow Submarine or big bright Carrot. Made of PVC, their sturdy and will brighten up any reading session, even if she’s into reading noir. RRP: $9.95 each. AVAILABLE FROM: www.thepopshop.shop.


↑ WHAT: Set of Art-Themed Fridge Magnets. DESCRIPTION: A set of four cabochon style fridge magnets featuring detail of classic master artworks. Featured are (clockwise from top left): Salvador Dalí’s The Persistence of Memory; René Magritte’s The Son of Man; Vincent van Gogh’s The Church at Auvers; and Pablo Picasso’s Woman with a Book. Material: glass, paper and magnet. Size: each magnet is 3.1 cm in diameter. RRP: $12.95 for a pack of four magnets. AVAILABLE FROM: www.thepopshop.shop.


2 Responses to “THE MOTHER’S DAY GIFT GUIDE 2022”

  1. Aditi

    Thank you for featuring our dolls !!
    The guide is amazing with so many good buys, loving the beautiful products listed here.



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