Why the Logitech G413 keyboard is the logical choice for PC gaming

I am writing this editorial piece using a Logitech keyboard and I’m loving it. It has synced up with my PC in an instant, and it is easier to work with than even my PC’s keyboard.

It’s almost as if the new Logitech is communicating with more ease with my mouse, as if they’ve known each other for ages. Because of its smooth functionality, the G413 has helped me get on with more important things, like speedy writing and bettering my gaming.

The keys are so ‘spring-y’, it feels as though there’s less work involved, especially when I want to focus on improving my game rather than worry about which key to hit for what purpose.

The backlit keyboard is great for gaming in the dark. When you’re playing platform-adventure games, such as Ori And The Will Of The Wisps, you’ll find it’s easier to delve deeper into forest scenes with smoother and quicker taps. The fact you can play in the dark, thanks to the backlit keyboard, adds to the atmosphere of these ‘darker’ gaming adventures.

While you’re working in the dark, you’ll be happy to know the G413 is a lot quieter than most keyboards. Keypad noise, or lack thereof, is much closer to the relatively quiet Cherry MX Brown keys of the classic Logitech G610 Orion Brown. The keys still feel and sound mechanical; they’re just softer-sounding and less imposing to your work or play.

One aspect I particularly liked about the Logitech G413 is the ability to disable the annoying Windows key, simply by pressing FN + F8. Any gamer knows that the accidental press of a key could see Microsoft windows suddenly popping up just when you’re about to reach your goal.

And because there’s a lot of key-tapping while gaming, you want keys that are not going to wear easily. The keycaps on this brill board are made with a material called polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) – the most durable material on the market. PBT provides excellent heat and wear resistance for optimal gaming performance over the life of your keyboard.

All these benefits come with a very friendly price-tag. In fact, the Logitech G413 is quickly gaining a reputation as an apt bit of hardware for the budget-conscious gamer – folks who are unsure about the hype surrounding gaming keyboards and their mechanical functionality who just want a better gaming experience.

Getting back to using the keyboard for simpler things like typing, there is the disadvantage that the keycaps are virtually invisible without the backlight mode enabled but if you’re a genius touch-typer, this’ll prove to be no problem whatsoever.

The Logitech should be at the fore of your mind when gaming is the main thing you do on your PC. It has great speed, precise responsiveness and it’s as durable a keyboard as they come.

Also, it’s a tenkeyless keyboard, which means the righthand side numpad has been removed, making it more compact (20% smaller in size than the average keyboard) and good for fitting on the desk or carting around with you. Doing away with a bunch of keys, such as number keys, gives your mouse a lot more room to manoeuvre.

If you’re piecing together an operating system for home or office, you really should consider the Logitech G413 as your keyboard component – so long as accounting isn’t a major part of your work.

And even if you’re happy with your current laptop, plug this baby in occasionally for a really fun ride in your gaming. Or writing.

Antonino Tati


The Logitech G413 TKL SE keyboard retails at $129.00 and is available from good electronic stores such as Dick Smith, Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi. For more information visit



Height: 5.20 in (132 mm).

Width: 17.52 in (445 mm).

Depth: 1.34 in (34 mm).

Weight w/o cable): 1,3.70 oz (105 g).

Cable: 5.91 ft (1.8 m).



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