Doing The Write Thing: Theme for Ubud Writers Festival 2022 announced

From 27th-30th October 2022, writers, artists, activists and performers from around the world will converge for the 19th Ubud Writers & Readers Festival (UWRF), ready to share stories and ideas exploring this year’s theme, Uniting Humanity.

Following two years of a pandemic that has caused fear and division amongst nations, the theme of uniting humanity couldn’t arrive at a better time.

In Indonesian, this year’s theme transaltes to ‘Memayu Hayuning Bawana’, an ancient Javanese philosophy that refers to the principles by which we care for, protect, and beautify our universe.

Bawana, refers to ‘our world’, which is not only a physical space but also a cultural and deeply spiritual realm. ‘Memayu’, is the way we sustain the beautification of our planet on our eternal path to universal harmony. UWRF translates this philosophy into ‘Uniting Humanity’, which will unfold as a series of programs responding to humanity’s capacity to strengthen our ties as individuals and the world as a collective.

The theme invites compelling conversations between literary luminaries, emerging writers, activists and leading journalists, to discuss how unity relates to their work and how their work relates to various concepts of togetherness and inclusiveness.

Other critical topics will include the role of literature in upholding humanity’s values and freedoms, to achieve equality for women and diverse-gender people, and further exploring environmentally sustainable practices.

Expect fiery discussions, powerful performances, literary lunches, after dark events and a whole lot more – all in the stunning and serene surrounds of Ubud.

Antonino Tati


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