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Kate Moss is the current face of Diet Coke and some folks are rightly peeved…

Kate Moss is pissing off a few peeps it seems, judging by today’s social media and news rounds.

You see, the supermodel (if you can call them that these days) is currently the face of Diet Coke, spruiking the brand’s 40th anniversary.

The soft drink giant apparently paid a whopping $A9 million to Moss for her to become the brand’s “creative director”. As if standing in front of a camera holding a can of Diet Coke like you’re going to make love to it is creative directing…

The 48-year-old model said on Friday she was thrilled to be joining the Diet Coke “family”, adding, “I love the past collaborations they’ve done with such incredible names in fashion.”

Some of those names include bigot Karl Lagerfeld, enfant terrible Jean-Paul Gaultier and lad about town Marc Jacobs.

But here’s where the hoo-ha starts: Moss’ old quotes are now being recycled online; annoying things she has said in the past such as “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!”

In Moss’ heyday, models were regularly warned to never put on weight, and some were even given strict instructions to stay slim, with Diet Coke being a regular item on their rider.

Of course in today’s post-political environment, a waif model such as Moss – and her past irresponsible comments – are not exactly kosher. Even for a multi-million dollar cola brand that ought to know better.

The Guardian noted this week: “It is striking that, in an era of body positivity, a diet drink has partnered with a woman known for her slender physique and the famous pronouncement that ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’.”

While one critic wrote on Twitter: “Kate Moss probably thought she was signing up to promote cocaine when she agreed to be the creative director of Diet Coke. The extent of her creative direction so far seems to be, “How about we give me three arms?”

Indeed, why in the hell has she got three arms in this shot? Coke adds limbs?

Antonino Tati

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