Seven of our favourite songs from Olivia Newton-John

Australia lost a true  legend with the passing of Olivia Newton-John who was more than just a singer. Olivia was an eco-warrior and activist who proved health diagnoses could be fought. She was a shining example of a pop star who did everything from prompt us to “get physical” to believing in magic to get us through the tough times.

Here are 7 of Olivia’s songs that often took us to heaven.

Antonino Tati


Magic (our absolute favourite-ist)


Xanadu: Barry Harris’ Club Enhanced Mix (a different mix for you)


Soul Kiss (lending a little sex appeal to soul)


Hopelessly Devoted To You (of course it’s here!)


Make A Move On Me (sporting a hairstyle as striking as Diana’s)


Heart Attack (not as heavy as it sounds in title!)


Sam (not sure who he is exactly but he inspired a beautiful song)

—- RIP Olivia Newton-John —-

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