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National Wastewater Program reveals which illicit drugs are the most popular per Australian capital city

In about August 2016, some bright spark in narcotics suggested the testing of waters state by state for remnants of drugs. This would reveal who were the bigger drug pigs and in which states or territories.

The National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program now provides regular insight into drug trends so that police and medical and health authorities can determine, well, who are the bigger drug pigs and in which states or territories.

The most recent testing has revealed that Sydney is the biggest consumer of cocaine, sucking up 800mg of Charlie per 1,000 noses.

Melbourne and Brisbane tied for second place, with 450mg sucked up per 1,000 noses, while Perth – supposedly the capital of rich wankers – came in at a paltry third with 100mg of coke snorted per 1,000 noses.

Western Australia does lead the nation for the greatest consumption of methamphetamine, with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission revealing an increase in meth use in Perth and across WA’s regions.

The National Drug Research Institute insists that while meth is popular in WA, cannabis remains the most commonly used illicit drug in the state.

Incidentally, in a study across 28 countries where wastewater was surveyed, Australia had the highest meth use per capita compared to the rest.

Darwin and Hobart don’t appear to get into the hard stuff, instead churning out the biggest consumers of alcohol and nicotine. Darwinians consume more than 2,900 standard drinks per 1,000 peeps while Hobart folk consume around 2,100.

Each of these capitals also ingests the most amount of nicotine, with 3,500 cigarettes smoked per 1,000 people on a daily basis.

Brisbane was the clear winner in the consumption of MDMA, ingesting around 470mg of Molly daily per 1,000 peeps. Meanwhile, Melbourne and Darwin came in at second with 190mg of Molly consumption per 1,000, followed by Sydney in third place.

So there you have it, the lowdown on what’s keeping each of our cities’ peeps high.

Lisa Andrews

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