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Italian Song Festival to feature a great variety of live music for Perth audiences

Italian culture offers a rich tapestry of music, least of all because the nation consists of 26 regions, each with their own take on classical music and pop. So, when an event such as The Sound of Italy: Italian Song Festival in Perth comes ’round, you can be sure to expect a whole variety of musical genres featured – from balladry to rock to disco to cantautore (singer/songwriter hits that have remained popular in the Italian musical canon).

While Perth is thousands of miles away from the original Sanremo Music Festival in Italy, it certainly serves up its share of Italo singing talent. Many artists of Italian or Italian/mixed heritage will take to the stage at the Regal Theatre on Friday 21 October to compete for gold. Well, maybe not gold, but great prizes and some much-deserved praise.

Some songs will be steadfast classics, originally of Italian creation, others will be Italian covers of famous English tunes which you might only have caught once before on RAI or YouTube. To hear these great cultural mashes live is something not to be missed.

Tickets to The Sound of Italy: Italian Song Festival are available through ticketek.com.au and start from just $61.00. Get in quick before they run out.

Michael Mastess


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