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Five ways to celebrate PrideFest with Perth’s LGBTQIA+ community

Perth’s PrideFest, aka the Pride Festival, is on again at Raine Square for its third year in a row. Over two weeks, from November 7th to the 20th, the precinct will be transformed into a vibrant display of colour and culture in celebration of WA’s Pride Month. With so much going on, we’ve narrowed down a list of five ways to celebrate.


01. Catch a flick at the PrideFest Film Festival

Returning this year to Palace Cinemas is the highly-anticipated annual PrideFest Film Festival, this year seeing four LGBTQIA+ celebrated films featured across a six-day event with an exclusive Perth premiere screening of In From The Side being touted as one of the year’s films to watch. To purchase tickets and for more information visit palacecinemas.com.au.


02. ‘Pride In Perth’ Exhibition

Held on the ground level near Coles in the heart of Perth, the exhibition focuses on this year’s theme being ‘Shine’. It will feature artworks by MasterChef’s Brendan Pang, Paralympian Robyn Lambird and Big Brother contestant Hannah Campbell, among others in the LGBTQIA+ community.



03. Exclusive retail collaborations

Raine Square retailers and eateries will show their support of Pride, offering exclusive (and fabulous!) collaborations during PrideFest. For example, Voodoo Coffee are offering an array of ‘rainbow lattes’, from ‘Red’ being a beetroot cocoa latte, to ‘Green’ packed with matcha, to ‘Purple’ being a purple beets latte. Be healthy and proud!


04. Plenty of entertainment

Throughout the PrideFest campaign period, Raine Square visitors will enjoy glittering drag shows, and see stages come alive with live entertainment performed by local LGBTQIA+ artists. And don’t forget to take a snap at the PrideFest photo booth.


05. Giveaways galore

There’ll be four pop-up giveaway events in Raine Lane on 10 & 11 and 14 & 15 November. Plenty of Pride paraphernalia up for grabs, too!



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