Ethique: a more ethical path to beauty upkeep

Consumerism can satisfy our cravings for the things we want and need but with it comes the mess of litter, clutter and, worse still, landfill. So it’s nice to see some brands are absolutely dedicated to leaving less mess behind, like the aptly named Ethique brand.

Starting out as a small business in a little kitchen in New Zealand in 2012, Ethique and its array of eco-friendly beauty and cleaning products are currently taking the world by storm.

Theirs is a simple mission: to have customers recycle their plastic bottles in filling these with powerful concentrates from Ethique. Each concentrate comes in the form of granules or a small bar – but you won’t be seeing parabens in these soap-looking products.

While Ethique have veered away from making cleaning products (though they do still sell their famous Flash! multipurpose stain remover bar), on the beauty front there are plenty of options to take you down a more ethical path to aesthetic maintenance.

The creme bodywash bars, for example, don’t lather up like traditional soap but do leave the skin clean, fresh and with a scent that’s oh-so good, especially the Sweet Orange and Vanilla.

Each of Ethique’s bars or mini boxes of granules is highly concentrated – designed to last three to six times longer than bottled alternatives. In fact, the company insists on following four criteria for every ingredient used: they mustn’t have any health risks associated with their use; they must be sustainably produced and biodegradable; be plant-based and cruelty-free; and free from palm oil.

So you can feel good using their gentle face cleansers, bodywash concentrates, and shampoo and conditioning bars, each as beautifully packaged as it is minimal to waste. And gosh, even the stickers that seal their products are compostable!

So far, Ethique have helped prevent over 15 million plastic bottles from being made and disposed of with their clever products. And the variety of bars appears never-ending with new ones on the market practically every month.

See what all the good fuss is about at

Antonino Tati

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