Camelot Outdoor Cinema: get yourself out of the house and off to the movies again

A movie about the making of movies and the early decadence of Hollywood, ‘Babylon’: just one of the highlights in the Camelot Outoor Cinema program for 2023.

Remember going to see a movie? It was such a fulfilling experience compared to how we tend to watch films today – glued to the sofa; frustrated about that lost remote; wondering whether you’re watching a film or a long episode of a new TV show… Still, it takes a lot – like, a really good film – to get us off our couches, out of our houses, and into a traditional movie theatre.

But what if that theatre was outdoors? In a cosy set-up – like a quarry setting, on a blanket or beanbag on lush grass, relaxing beneath a starry sky? You get all that and more at Camelot Outdoor Cinema and it’s something worth drawing you out of the home.

Situated in the heart of Mosman, Perth, Camelot has been drawing movie-loving crowds for decades. Since 1921, in fact, the premises have acted as a picture theatre (such a quaint term!), even when the property was being shared with ye olde Mosman Council chambers.

Steve Coogan, Sally Hawkins and Harry Lloyd star in ‘The Lost King’.

These days, over summer, Camelot Outdoor Cinema plays host to a program of very good independent films, and a few blockbuster classics thrown in for good measure. Fresh feature highlights in this summer’s program include Avatar: The Way of Water, The Banshees of Inisherin, Triangle of Sadness, The Lost King, Babylon, The Whale, M3GAN, The Fabelmans, Emily, and a whole lot more.

Emma Mackey catches up on her reading, as Emily Brontë in, yes, ‘Emily’.

There is a bar serving a great selection of drinks and Camelot’s delicious famous pizzas. Even beanbags for hire to make your outdoor movie experience an especially comfy one.

For more information and the full film program, visit and we’ll be seeing you at the outdoor cinema soon.

Antonino Tati


Camelot Outdoor Cinema is situated 16 Lochee Street, Mosman Park and runs until April 1, 2023.


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