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Desperate ostracised royal Megan Markle appears in social media ad for organic coffee

It’s sad when you’re a member of a royal family – one of the richest in the world – and you have the potential do some good with those riches, but you end up bitching about that family to the point of being outcast, and now you have to hooker yourself by pushing an unknown brand of coffee just to make a buck.

Who’d have thought this would be the predicament Megan Markle would find herself in, less than half a decade after she married into the British Royal Family?

The move is further proof that King Charles III is ceasing sending cash to his son Prince Harry and daughter-in-law Meghan.

Meghan, once dubbed the ‘Duchess of Sussex’, appears in a social media advert for Clevrblends “wellness” coffee, albeit briefly but it’s definitely her alright.

Whether she is a friend of the owner of Clevrblends, and/or just features in the ad so as to garner desperately needed credibility (is organic-pushing credible enough these days, though?) she does look a right heathen in the brief advert, smiling with excitement like a kid waiting for her name to be called at Starbucks.

Lest we forget Meghan used to model for the television show, Deal or No Deal, so pushing commercial product is very much in her wheelhouse. Allegedly, she invested in the “wellness coffee” business some time ago so may even be living off some of those dividends, such is the desperation.

Check out the cheap-ass ad, above, or for something far funnier, view some recent piss-takes of Meghan and Harry’s current situation as presented by various producers (below).

Antonino Tati


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