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Just when you thought they’d hung up their helmets for good, Daft Punk unleash an awesome AR experience

In February 2021, legendary electronic duo Daft Punk announced they would officially be breaking up. But it seems the dynamic duo can’t keep away from all things electronic and have in the meantime been working on an amazing augmented reality experience for fans.

In conjunction with the release of the 10th Anniversary Edition of their brilliant album ‘Random Access Memories’ this year, the duo have been working with Snapchat’s AR team to create three unique AR experiences under the moniker ‘Memories Unlocked’.

The experiences are available to enjoy via the Snapchat app for iOS and Android devices, meaning everyone around the world can join in.

The first AR experience, available today, offers fans the chance to discover a track that has been “hidden in plain sight” for 10 years (talk about being ahead of the times!). Released exclusively in Japan back in 2013, Horizons is now available to the rest of the world. Simply scan the original Random Access Memories album cover with your Snapchat camera to let the electro-fun begin.

A silver and gold helmet will appear in your real-world environment, and you can even flip the camera around and “wear” the crystal helmet as you groove to the music.

The second experience takes fans on an IRL treasure hunt in search of a unique location-based AR experience, available in 10 cities around the globe including Berlin, Buenos Aires, Paris, London, Tokyo and Sydney. Today, GPS coordinates have been posted on Daft Punk’s social media channels to give fans clues on where to go and find their innercity experience.

The final experience will see an augmented billboard campaign take place from today to May 28th in some of the aforementioned places including Sydney, where fans can use the Snapchat camera to scan QR codes printed on a billboard to access the crystal helmet and “Horizon” track.

Says director of the AR Studio, Donatien Bozon, “This technology allows us to enrich the experience around a work of art and to create innovative and creative interactions between an artist and its audience.”

For more information on Daft Punk: Memories Unlocked visit the Snapchat Newsroom.

Then let those random access memories happen one more time!

Antonino Tati

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