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World’s largest private art collection on show

Here at Cream, we think it’s a beautiful thing to take something you love so dearly and spend your time and effort to share it with everyone. Keeping this in mind it becomes clear why we’re quite taken by art collector extraordinaire David Walsh as he is opening his art collection to be viewed by the public and it just so happens that it’s not a bunch of coins and a few unrelated paintings but the in fact the world’s largest private art collection. The opening of said collection MONANISM will take place at the tail-end of the 10-day culturally rich experience MONA FOMA (Museum of Old and New Art & Festival of Music and Art) where everyone is encouraged to come worship materialism, hear some sweet live tunes, and just generally have a mind-blowing time. The bill includes a multitude of musicians of many genres (Grinderman, Phiip Glass, Speak Percussion) and commissioned dance troupe, Balletlab. Well worth a trip to Tasmania where it’s being held.

MONA FOMA takes place January 14th-23rd at 655 Main Road, Berriedale, Tasmania. For more information visit www.mona.net.au .

Pictured, Tetradrachm of Syracuse with head of Arethusa (top) and Bead Face for a Mummy.

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