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Seven Things In Entertainment To Get Happy About

As we count our pretty pennies from our tax returns (well, we hope you are, too) we’re excited about so many new things coming out on the music, film and home entertainment front. On a retro bent, look out for the reissue of David Lynch’s very kooky ‘Eraserhead’ on Blu-ray – in which the film’s protagonist takes the viewer on a surrealist freak-show of a trip involving a mutant alien child…

Bringing you back to the contemporary, for local laughs at the cinema there’s the soon-to-be released flick ‘Big Mamma’s Boy’ – an Aussie-made comedy about “life, love and lasagne” in the same warped mould as ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’…  

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis get along (just) as ‘Friends With Benefits’ in the comedy movie of the same name – his character working as an art director for an internet company (how very now) and hers as an executive recruiter for a leading job agency (how very un-now). Lots of laughs and sexy scenes to be sure…

Bringing sexy back herself, Ms Janet Jackson is heading down under next quarter – Rihanna-esque haircut and all – to play Perth at the Burswood Theatre on October 18, the Adelaide Festival Centre on October 22, Melbourne Arts Centre October 26 and 27, Gold Coast Convention Centre November 2, and Sydney Opera House November 5 and 6. For special ticketing see details below…

Grooving to a different beat, The Smurfs are back and will be coming at you in 3D in cinemas come September 1 in Tasmania, September 8 in Queensland, and September 15 in NSW, Vic, WA and SA. Strange they’ve split the release dates on that one…

Cream contributing photographer Jez Smith gets to show off a host of gorgeous new shots in the genre of dance at an exhibition at the Sydney Opera House called ‘Pushing For Perfection’ in late August as part of the house’s celebratory ‘Spring Dance Festival’…

And on the subject of dance, music television program ‘Rage’ celebrates the genre with the release of ‘Let’s Dance’, a compilation of tracks that run the gamut of the naffest of tracks (MC Hammer, Bobby Brown) to the more credible (Yeah Yeah Yeah’s ‘Heads Will Roll’, The Avalanches’ ‘Since I Left You’. A must-play at your next living room dance partay.


‘Eraserhead’ on Blu-ray is available through Umbrella Entertainment, September 1.

‘Big Mamma’s Boy’ has just hit cinemas through Madman Entertainment.

‘Friends With Benefits’ opens in cinemas on August 18 through Sony Pictures Entertainment.

For Janet Jackson special ticketing enquiries visit www.preferredseating.com.au/vip.

The ‘Pushing For Perfection’ photo exhibition is on at the Western Boardwalk, Sydney Opera House from August 23 – September 29 (entry is free).

‘Rage: Let’s Dance’ is out now through Universal Music.

‘The Smurfs’ in 3D releases as per above dates through Sony Pictures Entertainment.

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