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YSL on PS3

If we simply said to you Playstation 3, what comes to mind? Most of us would think purely of its gaming capabilities. Then possibly the more avid console gurus might think of all the other capabilities the PS3 has – the ability to surf online, play and download music, and so on. Then there would be the select few who are aware of the next brilliant step the console provides that separates it from its Xbox and Nintendo rivals. Low and behold what happens when a console is backed not just by a computer mega giant (as is Xbox with Microsoft) but by an actual entertainment company. Thank Sony for the PS3’s possession of MUBI. What is MUBI you ask? Basically it’s a service all PS3 owners have access to (for a small fee) which allows you access to the largest online collection of independent, foreign and classic film titles. Titles which the enthusiastic indie film buff would all too often find next to impossible to locate at their local video shop. And in true reflection of the Facebook-influenced times we live in, MUBI also has a social networking element to it, allowing you to connect with other film buffs scattered around the world in order to share your recommendations or reviews.

What’s also cool is that MUBI has regular special events that see it release things that have never previously been available. As an example, all MUBI customers have access to the highly acclaimed ‘L’amour Fou’ which takes a never before seen look behind the closed doors of the exclusive House of Dior.

The film paints a deeply moving portrait of the love affair between Dior’s founders, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé. It follows the couple’s journey from when they met in 1957, their revolutionising change of the fashion industry, right up to Laurent’s death in 2008 and the events that follow. ‘L’amour Fou’ is a gem of a film that thanks to MUBI is now available to fashionistas for the first time.

‘L’amour Fou’ is available to PlayStation 3 MUBI customers.

For more information visit www.playstation.com.au.

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